Band Together

After much thought and consideration,
I have decided...

that I'm more of a Blair
than I am a Serena.

Maybe it's just the dark hair,
but I can relate.

I can especially relate to her headbands.

I love a good headband,
and Blair Waldorf wears one well.

It's like her subtle tiara
on the Upper East Side.

Sometimes I need to indulge
my inner Gossip Girl
with a gorgeous headband
a la Blair Waldorf.

I always seem to head to the same places....

where it all began...

N's selection has grown to be quite impressive...

{who knows brat teen culture better?}

*XOXO to the CW for letting me borrow these images.


  1. You so are! You can just call me 'S'...

  2. I have always loved a good headband; so glad they are back & more stylish than ever.

  3. I agree so much! With the headbands, and the dark hair...Plus her fabulous jackets and coats I am always jealous of!

  4. I love Blair! Though I have to say I am nothing like her. (Except for being a brunette.)

  5. Love this! I still am not sure what I am. If I had to pick though I think I'd be a Blair :)

  6. I think I have a slight headband addiction!

  7. Your blog is sooo cool! Glad you came by today so I can find this -
    My newly daily read!

    These photos and outfits are just so beautiful!

  8. Is there an age cut-off for head bands? I think I passed the date, and my headband days are over. I do love them, just not on me anymore.

  9. Hands-down one of my favorite shows! I actually wrote about Blair on my blog...loooove her!

  10. I just start watching season 1 of Gossip Girl... my bro bought me the dvds for my bday.
    I like it :-)

  11. I am way more Serena than I Blair. I do love a good headband though...

  12. Just found your blog and adore it. I love Blair too, love her style and funny character. You should see my hairband collection :)

    Dena x

  13. I love this show and I love both of their characters. I think I've got parts of both of them so I don't know. :/ That's a tough one! Haha

  14. Just found your blog (and love it btw!) and wanted to comment on this old post. I just bought a bunch of headbands for my bridesmaids from this lovely lady who hand makes them. Her shop is called Love, Taza. I can't even describe how beautiful these headbands are in the flesh. The pictures just don't do them justice. Enjoy!

  15. haha, i knew i was blair when i read the book. its the hair, the headbands, the love for classics, the neurotic need for perfection and ambition. and i think we are all mean girls at one point or the other. blair is a great mix of good and evil. so relateable. plus i think she's a great elaboration to may wellands character in the age of innocence.


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