Good Fortune

I'm a bit of a smart alec.

Luckily, my husband isn't phased by this....
honestly, he never has been.

In fact, when were just friends,
I mentioned that he was so cliche-
he would be the type of guy 
that would propose in a fortune cookie.

He rolled his eyes and nodded,
but got me back a few months later ...

... when he proposed to me in a fortune cookie. 


{Our engagement... I still said yes!}

It served me right...
and assured me that he was the perfect guy for me.

Now to commemorate the event,
I get the last laugh.

This cute necklace by jeweler Sydney Evan is perfect.

Oh, and it costs $1100.
{Sorry, babe.}

It looks like fortune has a good sense of humor!

Bollywood Dreams

We have to hand it to the Brits.

They've introduced us to many good things:

sparkling water, jet engines, stainless steel, rubber bands, Hugh Grant....

So, it comes at no surprise that upon moving here, 
England has enlightened me to another amazing find-

Indian Food

Oh, I love Indian food now.

Thank you, England, for the introduction.

In fact, tonight,
I even tried my hand at this Real Simple recipe
for chicken curry...


...and it was pretty tasty.

So in honor of my Eastern-korma-making-friends,
here are some Indian inspirations that are on my mind:

Darjeeling Teapot
by Jonathan Adler

Two's Company Ceramic Stool.

And, of course...

Mindy Kaling

{who's techincally Indian-American,  but ever since the Diwali episode on The Office... }


Mindy is another one of my imaginary best friends.

We just have so much in common.

If we were friends, I bet 
We would love to go get fro-yo together, laugh and watch old movies,
and constantly text hilarious daily happening to each other.

MK: This scraggly lady in the other dressing room next to me at Barney's just totally farted.
AK: Ah. No way. You should just whisper- "I'll never tell...." haha.

Anyway, you get the idea.
Just normal girl talk.


But seriously- she's super cute.
I love her toothless little smile.

But back to the main point:

Do you guys like Indian food? 

Tell me what all I need to try to become a pro!

Happy Birthday Gwyneth!

You're gorgeous, well-bred, impossibly cultured, and the biggest food snob the media knows...

And, oh, you have that leggy gaunt figure...

{ sigh }

The only thing left to wish you
 at this point in life...
 is your own television network.

You are all that 
an Aspiring Kennedy 
could hope to be.

*image source

Alluring Kennedy: George Clooney

Oh sir...

 have you come a long way
since the Facts Of Life

You matured like a fine wine before our eyes....


and took up residence in this sacred place... Lake Como, Italy

and have turned girls to women. 

Yes, I do want to go to there

*Contributing writer, Laura, is a co-creator of Something Legit: the consulting business that turns boys into men via a better wardrobe. Check out her handiwork & blog . 

Blog Crawl: My Life As A {Spell} Book...

Thanks to pretty Blair 
for sending you to Aspiring Kennedy.

I was thrilled to see that Beth Dotolo of Hello Splendor
 chose to kick her piece off with a nod to Twlight. 

My excitement came 
partially because I love Twilight.

However, it was mainly due 
to the fact that I had chosen to base MY post 
around a certain series 
that is near & dear to my heart: 
Harry Potter!

My Life Is An Open {Spell} Book

The Setting:

Hogwarts, of course.

Well no, not actually Hogwarts-
but perhaps the closest place we can get in the Muggle world:
Oxford, England!

 My husband is a student at Oxford,
and it’s a different world here.

We have dining halls,
ancient libraries,
 and all the ancient spook factor
one HP fan could hope for.

Oxford is missing the flying brooms & dragons,
 but I’m still have my hopes up
 they'll both turn up soon.

The Characters:

 My Harry Potter. 

The Chosen One.

 He was the only wizard that could really put the love spell on me.

Halloween 2007. I love this!

 Me, Lauren:
Hermione Granger

I'm a booky-but-sensitive-know-it-all 
with uncontrollable hair
{that is looking better as I get older}.

I also look smashing in Burberry 
(just like Emma Watson).

 My family:
The Weasleys.

The whole gaggle of us.
 I love them all- 
and we have a rampant case
 of red hair running through my nephews & nieces 
which obviously only makes them more endearing.

Halloween 2007 with our nephew.

 My friends:
Dumbledore's Army.

Those in the magic world of blogging, 
and the muggle world ... non-bloggers.

Some that hang near & dear are
 Beth of Hello Splendor, Laura of Something Legit, Kellee of If the Shoe Fits, Grant of Cashmere Cowboy, Jenny of Thompson Tales,  Kelly of Fab K, Heather at Social Thread, and Victoria of Victoria Wall Photography.

photography by Kevin Dotolo

The Plot:

Newly arriving from the backgrounds that shaped us,
Tyler & I are in the process of 
getting educated in a new magical world.

We love England,
and are daily enchanted
with the small nuances of everyday life.

Things like
 “white” tea,
bicycle commutes,
and mid-morning rain
are constantly bewitching us.

The Twist:

Like every good book should,
{in my opinion}
 our story carries
a theme of love
through it’s entirety.

 The relationships with our families & friends
are of epic proportion.

Has any other couple ever felt so rich in love?

We hope so.

While many may doubt
if the love
Tyler & I have together
 can be so real-

 the answer is YES!

Our hope is
that above all the tricks & titles
 life may pass our way…
 we will share the love
 that has been given freely to us 
with others.

Continue on our blog crawl tomorrow
 at the amazing blog of

Emily is one classy girl... 
who's life is so fancy- 
it might be leatherbound.

Miles of Style... and loads of glam.

Hello dear Aspiring Kennedy readers! This is Persis from Miles of Style, guest posting for the lovely Lauren while she makes her way around UK.

Today, I’m sharing some of Eva Lindh’s latest styling work and some gorgeous interior spaces - both of which I know you all will enjoy and appreciate.

Don’t you just love these incredibly well detailed and dreamy images? Stylist Eva Lindh makes every room look so gorgeous, so perfect…and yet so very liveable!

To see yet another lovely photo shoot styled by Eva Lindh click here. Have a fabulous day ahead…
{images via}

and the winner is...

Congrats to Belle on Heels for winning
the Bella Card Co. giveaway 

Email beth [at] bethdotolo [dot] com to claim your amazing love birds party collection

Thanks to everyone who entered!!
Have a lovely weekend...

Souvenir Stylings: Munich, Germany

Hello friends! 
It's Beth from Hello, Splendor
Aspiring Kennedy's faithful friend 
Interior Designer.

Mr. & Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy 
recently travelled to Munich, Germany 
and it's my task to help design 
a great vacation home for this jet-setting couple!

Aspiring Kennedy is more
of a classic lady,
but, Munich is going through a major
modern design moment. 

Think industrial chic...

modern lines...

Lots of light...

But, now for the color...

Should Aspiring Kennedy go bold with red??

Or, should she go safe and serene with white??
Do Tell!

Aspiring Kennedy's faithful Interior Designer,

Beth Dotolo
Hello, Splendor Nest Interior Design

images via 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

AK + HS = Bella Cardo Giveaway!

You know my blogging bestie, Beth, at Hello Splendor?

Well, us two birds of a feather
are sticking together
 to giveaway
Bella Card Company's
 Love Birds Party Suite!

The winner will these adorable invitations & lined envelopes, thank you cards, party tags, & foodie flags.

Enter Now:

1. Become a fan of Aspiring Kennedy & Hello, Splendor
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{entries 3, 4, & 5 - leave separate comments!}

4. Tell us the guest list of the best party you could imagine.
{entry 6}

Winner will be picked this Friday, Sept. 17th...
and- we will count your entries twice when you comment on both  of our blogs.

Good luck!! 

No butts about it.

The fanny pack. The hip pack. The bum bag.

LV makes one. Marc Jacobs makes one. Prada make one. Gucci makes one.

Butt why?
{pun highly intended.}


The even more confusing part to this asinine accessory 
 is when beautiful style icons
sporadically click one around their svelte selves
 and send the masses into utter chaos.


When I see pictures like these,
my internal monologue starts reading error codes:

 Is a fanny pack the new headband? Does the upper east side condone hip packs? 
When did these get called from the fashion bench
from the other losers like the visor, overalls, & double stacked socks? Help!

You tell me: 
what do you think of fanny packs?

Do you rock them-
or knock them?

*image sources 2 & 3

**Wish us a safe flight this morning as TK & I head back to Oxford from Italy.

Here's to You, NYC

I'm remembering one of 
the greatest cities in the world
with a lot of heart.


Eat & Greet.

Even though internet access is scarce during my travels...
and our timezones are off...

I just wanted to pop in to your world to say:

You made it to Friday!


Since the weekend is upon us,
and you don't have to see your boss for 2 glorious days...

let's play a game:

If you were headed with me to Italy today...

What is the first thing we would eat????

{I've got food on my mind today!}

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