Cheers from Oxford!

Good morning 
from Oxford!

It's sunny and crisp here today,
and I thought I should 
give some photo updates 
of our first few days here.

If the picture's aren't 100% obvious,

Life in England is Good!

However, even though we are just getting settled here...
the adventure is just beginning.

We are headed to the airport in 2 hours to catch a plane.

We'll be heading to
Norway, Germany, Portugal, Spain & Italy.

I know- it sounds like I'm bragging.
{And I kind of am!!!}

It should be amazing!

While I am away, 
I'll be doing my best to check-in-
but there are so great guest bloggers in store!


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Aspiring Kennedy + FabK = Blog Design Giveaway!


My friend, Kelly, of Fabulous K is...
well,  fabulous.

Not only is she hilarious, a twi-hard fanatic, 
but she's also...

in the whole-wide-world-wide-web.

{What Willy Wonka did for candy, Kelly does for blogs.}
She makes them magical.

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*Winner will be picked at random on Sep 3, 2010. I will be in Norway, but will post as soon as possible- please forgive any frustration of projected tardiness with happy thoughts of me in a Viking helmet.

** Kelly is talented beyond measure. However, this blog giveaway is open to Blogger users only. Sorry.

Classy Book Launch... a bit late.

Hey, look what I just found.

{Did I google image myself?... Ok, yes, I did.}

It's a pic of Beth & me from the
Derek Blasberg's book


I got to see so many friends from Gilt Groupe,
that I had only "met" over the phone at work.

However, the highlight of the evening
was getting take home a copy
of this FANTASTIC book.

{Why did I not get him to sign it? Regret.}
I've been keeping CLASSY on my nightstand,
and flip through a few pages 
whenever I get the chance.

Let me tell you-
the book is funny.

And sadly, 
 a spot on tutorial
combating the decomposing level of class
that this generation is reveling in.

Someday when I make it
beyond my "aspirational" years,
perhaps I will be one of the 
svelte, celeb, girls
 frolicking about with Blasberg...

Image source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Same Story. New Setting.

Today is the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

As I'm sure you know
from my shameless bragging for months,
the hubs and I are moving to England.

...but did you know it was happening today?

Hop over to Hello Splendor
to see how I am getting paid back remembered for leaving.

"The most beautiful discovery
 true friends make 
is that they can grow separately 
without growing apart."

-Elisabeth Foley

*image source 1 & 2

Dauphine Friendly

is so good.

I watch it over and over...
hoping that the ending changes.

Hoping that she escapes to Switzerland,
but alas-
 Sofia Coppola can only make so much magic.

History had already written the ending.


Oh, and speaking of Ms. Sofia Coppola
{who directed Marie Antoinette}...

At a party this weekend,
my snazzy friend Lauren
brought these cuties-
Sofia Coppola Blanc de Blancs.


Tiny cans of champagne that have tiny straws to sip through.

I mean, seriously. How pretty is that?

Buy the prestine pack of four,
and become the grand dame
of any place you are headed!

*image source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Blog Swap with Helena, A Diary of Lovely.

*Sorry if this blog is posting for the second time for you. I'm having technical difficulties... with my brain. 

It's my first blog swap, and I'm really excited to be doing it here at beautiful Lauren's Aspiring Kennedy, while Lauren is sharing her My Stuff over at my blog. Oh sorry! hi there, I'm Helena from A Diary of Lovely. Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy will soon be an expat in the UK, in Oxford and I thought it would be nice to share some of the most beautiful places to spend a couple of days and what to pack. Oxfordshire is famed for its Universities but also for its classic British beauty, Lauren is a lucky lady! The greens are incredible and the history is terrific.

What to pack? Chic and comfy. Get some nice books and enjoy the relaxing time.

Thank you Lauren, so happy to be here today!!

Going. Going...


Well, almost.
Check back Thursday. 
I'm actually leaving for England then.

However, this past week has been a full out party week.
And I have to admit- it's been awesome.

I feel like I had a second wedding
being surrounded by so many people that I love.

Like Friday night for example...
my sweet friends hosted the best party for me.

It was at Times Ten Cellars.

It was pretty.

It was intimate.

It became hilarious.

And then it turned physical.

I can't tell you how blessed I am
to have so many amazing people in my life.

At one point in the night, I looked around 
and was overwhelmed 
with the amazing people surrounding me.

I was sandwiched between some of the most beautiful, talented, kind hearted people possible.

{At a later point, I looked around, and couldn't believe how ridiculous it had become.}

and all my other sweet friends who made this night

Tyler & I will miss all of you terribly. 
Please come visit soon!

All photos were taken by Kevin Dotolo (except the grainy iPhone pic of Beth doing a back flip.)
 Kevin is awesome. Seriously. Check out his website,
 Here you will realize that all photographic needs should be routed through him directly. for the rest of your life.

Band Together

After much thought and consideration,
I have decided...

that I'm more of a Blair
than I am a Serena.

Maybe it's just the dark hair,
but I can relate.

I can especially relate to her headbands.

I love a good headband,
and Blair Waldorf wears one well.

It's like her subtle tiara
on the Upper East Side.

Sometimes I need to indulge
my inner Gossip Girl
with a gorgeous headband
a la Blair Waldorf.

I always seem to head to the same places....

where it all began...

N's selection has grown to be quite impressive...

{who knows brat teen culture better?}

*XOXO to the CW for letting me borrow these images.
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