To A Tea: The Liberty Cafe

you may have noticed I have a *slight* obsession
for London's department store, Liberty.

And of course, when I say "slight obsession"
I actually mean, 
"I want to lick the floors of it and caress every single item inside its walls."

After a long time of forgetting to try out their cafe,
I decided it was time to for two of my life's great loves 
(tea & Liberty)
to merge.

I have to say...

I was slightly underwhelmed.

Let's walk through my time there.


Hard to find in the store
(on the second floor in a room to the side).

The room itself is fairly plain
with a good dose of subtle quirks 
that are oh-so-Liberty.


It was... meh,
and it wasn't cheap.

I ordered lunch 
followed by a cream tea.

After all, this was research
and I had to get a good sampling.

Let's start with the Cream Tea
since this is a series on tea rooms in London.

The scones were dense.

After I polished off the first,
I actually kinda dreaded having to work through the second.

Which is not a normal feeling.

{Plus, they weren't fresh or warm.}

And it was £10.50...
which makes is one of the more expensive cream teas
I can ever recall seeing listed on a menu in the UK.

The goats cheese, caramelised onion & asparagus tart was pretty tasty.

On the upside,
it made hitting the end of the summer sale really easy.

In fact, 
I walked away with some amazing steals
and it played perfectly into my errands at Oxford Circus.

So, would I go back?

but maybe just for a drink
or a light nibble.

I wouldn't save up a tasty meal for it...
or splurge on my souvenir tea time there.

Have you been?
Did you have a better experience?

(I really do hope so! I would love to think I experienced an off day.)


Not your cup of tea?

Check out some of my other tea times 
at some of London's finest places on Aspiring Kennedy.

Primrose Bakery | Bea's of Bloomsbury

*all photography original to Aspiring Kennedy

Atlantic Ping Pong

We have a six month old baby.

She's been on 13 flights so far,
visited 4 countries
& 4 states.

She's an amazingly sweet baby
and such a great flyer...

but this week
we may push her limits.

Today we are flying back to England.

And then Sunday,
we are flying back west 
to Reykjavic, Iceland.

We may be out of our minds,
but, oh well.

Even though it's just for a couple of days,
it will be nice to be back in our flat
see our friends
and get ready for the (crazy!) semester ahead.

I pick up my fall semester of students
in Iceland in 6 days.

It's about to get... well, exciting.

My dad was telling me today that I need to do a post
about how-to travel with a baby...
but I don't want anyone to call CPS on me
after I reveal my secrets.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

The truth is,
this kid is super chill
and makes us look good.

(Why do I have the feeling as you are reading that sentence,
I'm going to be bouncing a squawking baby up & down an airplane aisle?)

And when it's not easy,
we'll we just figure that it's only x amount of hours
and it will all be over & worth it.

Don't forget to follow along on the Instagram adventure
(username: aspiringkennedy).

Iceland is out of this world beautiful.
You're not going to want to miss a beat.

*image via Vogue

Fall Transition-What to Wear Where?

People often ask me
if clothes are cheaper 
in Europe.

The answer is yes & no.

Some things are more (Anthropologie)
and some thing are less (Primark).

I've learned to take advantage of both worlds
over the past few years.

So in my last few days in the States
(we fly to London Wednesday & then Iceland Sunday!),
I'm taking inventory of what we have
and what we need/want for the fall.

While it's still hotter than two rats making love in a wool sock
here in old Texas,
the weather waiting for us
is much cooler.

My flip flops & shift dresses
are about to make a quick shift
to skinny jeans, boots & coats.

But before Europe takes a real nose dive
into the cool crisp Autumn temps,
we'll have a few weeks of awkwardness in the middle.

So here are a few things
(that in a perfect, pockets-full-of-hundred-dollar-bills world)
we would be packing in our suitcase 
to take back with us
to the other (almost perfect) side of the world.

The Lovely Drawer: Broad Bean Bruschetta


What is that noise?

Is that...

yup, I thought so.

It's the faint sound
of people around the world
reading this blog
clapping in delight
that Teri from The Lovely Drawer
is back with another recipe?

I'm joining in with you
and singing the praises 
of all of her gorgeous food creations.

(Remember that gorgeous Victoria Sponge? Oh mama.)

I'll let her introduce this tasty new dish
that she's whipped up for us.

Don't forget to read this in your mind
with a British accent (like Teri has)...
it's so much more fun that way.

*  *  *

These bruschetta's are a yummy snack or an easy way to add colour to your party food. Broad beans may not instantly fill you with mouth watering excitement, but stick with me. The combination of flavours is so fresh and zesty that you may well be singing this humble little bean's praises. 

How to:

1) First cook your broad beans. In the name of speed I fried mine in a pan with the garlic, a drizzle of olive oil and a teeny bit of water.
2) Once cooked allow them to cool. Meanwhile heat up the grill.
3) Rub the slices of bread with a little olive oil 
and then toast lightly under the grill.
4) Meanwhile blitz the broad beans, mint, Parmesan, lemon, rock salt and a few glugs of olive oil. Blend until it becomes a paste. I left mine a little chunky for texture.
5) Spoon the broad bean mixture on top of your toasted sour dough slices and then sprinkle over your feta. Garnish with a mint leaf and some black pepper. 

*  *  * 


What did I tell you?

This girl is good.

And the good news for us
is that she's going to be sending us these
little nuggets of love
every month
from now on.

I don't typically do outside contributors,
but since she's a good friend
and she makes AMAZING food...
I just had to beg ask her to do this on the regular.

Rise To The Occasion

On Friday,
there was a small table
of really nice people
having a great time
over some awesome soufflés
at Dallas' beloved 

It was such a great time,
and- as admittedly awkward as those parties can be at the beginning-
turned out to be a FUN evening.

It's always so refreshing (and dare I say, "flattering?")
to meet people who read my blog.

The internet can be a tricky place
with false identities (ahem, Aspiring Kennedy?)
and tiny little profile pics...

You can never be too sure about who you're meeting out there.

So to show up and meet completely awesome/normal people
really floored me.

I can't believe that such cool people 
 take the time to read my blog.

I'm not even sure my own mom reads it.

Ok, I'm drifting...

All that to say,
I was on a high from getting to hang out 
with so many sweet ladies.

Thanks for coming out-
blogger meet-ups wouldn't be nearly as fun
if no one was there to actually meet up!

And now, 
some pictures
to prove that it actually happened.

the set-up.
fancy fizzy water
viola got some swag from the party. a sophie giraffe from helen! merci. :)
getting our instagrams on... #dallasbloggerbash
marshmallow soup  with floating "marshmallows" of mini goat cheese souffles!
crab souffle.
les femmes du blogging :)
bread pudding soufflé
table dancing.
me & my co-host, beth dotolo.
this strawberry souffle has been on my mind ever since the party. gorgeous!
last ladies standing. closing down the party!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


Don't forget-
tonight's the 

We will be meeting 
from 6-8:30
at one of my favorite restaurants
(in the entire world),

My favorite: Marshmallow Soup with "marshmallows" made of goats cheese. Mmm...

It's gonna be 
Beth Dotolo of Pulp Designs
and myself relaxing 
with some ridiculously good souffles
with nice people around us.

So, if you think you're a nice person, too...
we want you there!

There are a few spots still available
(three to be exact),
so if you'd like to join us
email me at
so I can get you on the list.

Whether you blog, read blogs,
follow along on Instagram or whatever...
you're invited!

It's All Good... All of it.

Luckily, with Amazon-
most things in the world
are accessible in England.

There are exceptions
like tex-mex & cheap dry cleaning...

But for the most part, 
we have all we need & want
at our doorsteps/fingertips.

However, there are few goodies
that I have picked up 
during our trip back this time.

Between birthdays & COSTCO runs,
our bags are getting a bit heavier
for the return.

Some of the highlights...

It's All Good

I know you all know about my best bud, the D.O.C. ("Katie Bug")
but my other gal pal is a girl you may know as Gwyneth.
(We just call each other "bosom friend.")

She just wrote a new cookbook
and after seeing Liz instagram some new recipes
I bit the bullet and paid $17 for it at Costco.

I love it.
The recipes are fresh and simple. 
Go getcha one.

Missoni Hand Towels

They are the cheapest way I can make my bathroom
not look like a college (shared) bathroom.
They're $25 which is a bit pricey,
but not terrible.

A worthy splurge
at a Dallas boutique, Nest.

Or you can find similar ones here at One Kings Lane.

Lululemon Yoga Pants


I once, not too long ago, mocked girls 
who ran errands in work out clothes
with perfect hair and other tell-tale signs
of having not actually working out.

Until I tried these on
and saw my butt in the mirror.

Two days later, it was the #1 item on my birthday wishlist.

I may have turned a year older,
but my hiney just returned to my freshman year of college.

Fist pump.

Bodum Assam Teapot

I've been wanting one of these pretties for a long time.

Three cheers for my in-laws for picking up on the subtle hint
(of me posting about it on the blog!)
and snagging me one for my birthday.

I love it!

Lanvin Ballet Flats
(via ebay)

I wear flats most days 
walking around town.

The pairs I wear the most cost me £3 at Primark
and are slick as a... fish (?)
when it rains.
So, basically, every day
I'm hydroplaning and freaking myself out.

Also, my feet ache from having no arch support.

(Weird that £3 won't get you traction or well-constructed shoes, I know.)

So I splurged (kinda) and bought a pair of Lanvin flats on EBay.

They were $150
and I'm already considering this an investment
towards the bionic feet replacements
that were headed my way
with my current footwear + walking combination.

If ebay scares you and you have a 9+ size foot,
there are some cute gold ones  41's on sale at BG for half price!
And they are also some 36.5 for you tiny footed friends!

* * *

So that's what made my birthday wishlist
and is headed back to London
with us when we go back in a couple of weeks.

Five Things On My Mind (Dallas Edition)

Here are five things sitting on my mind
now that I'm residing in the Lone Star State 
for the glorious month of August.

Baby in "heat" in England: laughing. Baby in "heat" in Texas: passed out.

 I almost forgot what hot was. 

When you've just gone through a "heat wave" in England 
where temperatures are sitting in the high 80's for weeks on end,
you aren't suffering.

You're spoiled.

Thank goodness for the invention of the pool 
& drinks that are available in quantities over 50 ounces...
and for under $1.

I really shouldn't have eaten so much dessert
after every single meal 
every single day
this spring & summer.

Now that I'm in a swimsuit or short dresses,
I slightly regret it.

(But let's be honest, I'll be hidden from the glare of chubby white skin in a matter of weeks. YOLO.)

 I love king sized beds.

I mean, I can wax poetic 
on how snuggly we are 
in our cozy double...

But there is something 
that can only be described as wonderful
when you can spread out like a starfish
in your bed...
and still have your man in there with you.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch 

England, you need it.
Trust me.

I've been starting out every day with a big ole bowl of the stuff...
and I'm the better for it.

The Queen would be, too,
I can just feel it.

If not for me,
do it for the happiness of Prince George's childhood.

I'm in the last few days of 28.

My birthday is Sunday.

28 was too much of a bit of a roller coaster for me.

I'd like to recover from the emotional whiplash 
I experienced during the last year
with a period of just regular days & goodness.

So upcoming year,
please be kind, boring 
& slightly heavy on the trips to Italy.

As much as it stinks to get older....
I feel like 29 
is going to be awesome.

Let's do this.


What's one thing on your mind today?

Dallas Blogger Party

Hey Y'all Pillow, Two Peaches Etsy. $29.

If you've been following along
you may have noticed
I've crossed over the pond
and am residing in the US
for the month of August.

Tyler had to work
and I figured
I should be here in the sun
instead of alone in our flat
taking care of a baby
all by my lonesome.


I am obsessed with these custom/affordable pillows from Two Peaches. $29!

So here I am,
back in Texas.

And here (some of) you are, too.

Wanna meet up?

Beth Dotolo & I are having a get together
(a really casual, super-fun get together)
to meet up with some of Dallas' finest...
and then regular people, like us.

It'll be next Friday, Aug 16th here in Dallas.

Details to come, 
but go ahead and plan on being there
that evening.

We can't wait to meet & mingle with you!

Let me know if you'd be interested below
so I can know what/where to plan this thing.

England meet Baby Shower. Baby Shower meet England.

My friend, Grace, is pregnant.

So like all good, Southern American girls,
I offered to throw a baby shower for her...
because, duh, that's what friends do.

Except here in England,
they don't actually do that.

And they think it's a little weird
to have a baby shower, too.

Oh well.

By the time I learned this was a bit of an anomaly,
the invitations had been sent,
the cake had been designed,
and I had raided the Baby Gap sale
and robbed them of all newborn clothes.

We were committed.

It ended up being such a fun day.

It was hilarious explaining to our Brit friends
what types of parties we as Americans have
for the various occasions in life.

{Lingerie Party, Engagement Party, Wedding Shower, Couples Shower, Bachelorette Party, Gender Reveal Party, Baby Shower, Mega 1st Birthday Party, etc.}

One of our friends summed it by saying
"Sooo, basically, it's just really expensive to be an American?"

and it'd be a lot worse if it weren't for Costco & Target.


Grace is a book publisher
and cute children's books 
have a pretty big place in her heart.

So, naturally, we had to include them as much as possible.

We also based the party off a pretty pattern 
since we were using this pattern for the serving pieces.

The food matched the theme 
with an sparkly orange & almond cake,
yellow ombre mini cakes (white chocolate mud!),
lemon meringue mini parfaits
& savoury egg cups (for something a little savory!)

And even Viola matched the party colors!

I loved the cake that was the centerpiece.

{It was so moist & so soft.}

The combo of orange & almond
was perfect for a hot summer day.

I loved the gorgeous bunting of mini classic books
that Meg handmade for the shower.

I loved the beautiful cut glass cake stand 
from Laura Ashley
that it sat so prettily on.

Not only was it delicious at the shower,
but I ate it for breakfast for the following two days...
because let's be honest, it's not any worse than a donut, cinnamon roll, danish, french toast.

And this little tower of edible goodness?

Well, what the Tower of Babble did to the people building it
so this tower of temptation did to my summer diet.

(Read: ruined everything.)

I really love the pretty grey & yellow hydrangea pattern of it.

{Laura Ashley is so perfectly English...
which is exactly what we needed for this day!}

It was such a fun day
and I hope my dear Grace felt loved...
because, after all the cake & presents, 
that's actually the point 
of all of our crazy American parties.

Thank you, Laura Ashley, for the gorgeous serving pieces.
They made our day all the prettier.


If you want to recreate any pieces of this fun day,
I've done the dirty work & compiled it all for you here.


Cut Glass Crystal Cake Stand (Laura Ashley)
Hydrangea 3 Tier Cake Stand (Laura Ashley)
Polka Dot Pitcher (Laura Ashley)
Glass Canister (Laura Ashley)
Lovely Little One Bunting (SALT Etsy.)
Children's Classic Cake Bunting (Upon Request via Meg-Made Etsy)
Jane Austen Quote (Dancing & Press Calligraphy, Etsy)
Stuffed Rabbit (Laura Ashley)


*Special thanks to Laura Ashley for donating these gorgeous serving pieces for our special day! I love them!

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