Executive Decision.

With the holidays, traveling, getting back to work, 
and the diabetic coma that some of you are in from all the candy & cookies....

... blog land is pretty sleepy.

I'm following your lead,
and taking the rest of the week off from blogging.

I'll miss ya...
and am excited to share 
some really cool stuff 
with you next week!

Gucci Flora: Go ahead, change your life...

And buy this perfume for yourself.

Even if it doesn't change your life-
I promise,
 it will make you smell amazing.

{... and irresistible, or so I'm told.}

It's pretty & floral, but with a sweetly fresh balance.

{And I bet you're going to like it.}

Tea Time.

It's the week after Christmas.

After a month of parties
with endless binging of all things... bad,

I. Am. Feeling. It. 

In hopes of redeeming my innards 
before the damage is compounded
with New Year's festivities around the corner,
I'm swapping pie for tea 

These days I'm sipping...

This trio is a staple in our cupboards,
but I'm really loving the Detox this week
in my efforts to ... purge.

Description: A cleansing green tea with a rich peppermint undertones.

The first tea that I loved...
and I promise you will, too! 

Description: A crisp green tea that trades typical muskiness for light, fruity notes.

Both of these teas are fantastic hot- but I also love them on ice.
Each of them have such unique flavors.
It's a great way to switch out for something new.

Description: Fruity flavors set the tones for these, and their bright colors will liven your breakfast table.

Monday Moods: I feel... Jostled.

After my own version of 
trains, planes, & automobiles...
we made it home for
Christmas Eve!

And the best part?

Getting upgraded for our flight home.

for the best Christmas present.

 Our flight turned into an experience we typically try 
to black out through from buckle to buckle 


Menus offering fillets & fine wine,
enormous crystal goblets of Ben & Jerry's, 
fully flat beds, 
on demand movies,
enormous bathrooms, 
& leaving with new best friends in the flight crew... 

{I'm sure a Kennedy would be non-chalant about flying first class-
but I can only claim to aspire to such cool behavior!}

Have you ever been upgraded?

And if so, how did you ever go back to coach?
{Xanax, Ambien... ???}

A Merry Little Christmas.

Merry Christmas, friends.

Thank you for your daily gifts of
support, kindness, & love
throughout the past year.

I treasure our friendships dearly!

Twas the flight before Christmas...

We've been stranded in England
during this crazy snow...

and are desperately trying to make it home for Christmas!

{Our Christmas card has more meaning today than I originally thought...}

This morning, we are hopping on a flight 
in hopes of making it home
just in time for Christmas Eve...
{for a bit of a Christmas miracle!}

Until then,
we will be getting cozy this Christmas Eve
 on our 11-hour flight, jam-packed, flight home 
with these in-flight essentials...

{Are than any great items I'm missing from my line-up?}

I hope you're getting cozy wherever you may be
 with the ones you love most!

Snow Way!

Have you been hearing me 
about our travel woes from the snow storm this week?

In case you think I'm just crazy
{which I could be...},
here are some pics from our week.

The morning it all started...

later that night...

My sister arrived... and the scene was oh-so-Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. Right?

Sitting around London waiting for flights out...
and doing our best to pass the time with places like:
Notting Hill, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, & Knightsbridge...

... and, the amazing Christmas festival 

We stayed on Jermyn Street across from 

Not only is the inside of their store perfect-
but the window displays were, too.

When we couldn't take the cold any longer-
we would retreat...
to eat.

is a killer restaurant
that Helena took me to earlier in the week.

Too much, too soon?

{If you go, may I recommend the chocolate salted-caramel tart?... or the donuts?}

 So I guess you needn't feel too sorry for us
considering the location, fine fare, and covered expenses...

In fact... I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

But I will tell you this:
I'm waking up in 5 hours 
to catch a flight home.

Because there really is no place like home for the holidays!

12 Days of Christmas: Unwrap- Up.

...a fig candle & a tea towel 
that's left me merry!

{did you catch that killer rhyme action...}


Thank you, Piper, for the great gift!

{Both which I have seen at One Sydney Road, and am THRILLED to have in our home!}

Well, I am the end of the gift exchange.
The old caboose.
{I did kick it off though with that awesome necklace for Beth...}

Thanks to all bloggers, readers, & friends 
who followed along with 
It was FUN getting to do the gift exchange...
and I can't wait to do more in the future!

Merry Christmas, friends!

Alluring Kennedy: Love Actually

Welcome back, Laura, of
the ever cool men's fashion site,
  Something Legit.

Today she brings us a
 Christmas Miracle
in the form of the men
of my FAVORITE move....

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes! 

I love Love Actually season. 

I could watch this holiday movie EVERYDAY. 

Last year Aspiring Kennedy made me a banofee pie and hot chocolate 
as we curled up to watch this flick.
{and it changed both of our lives...}

Every aspect from scenery around London, Natalie's Red Coat, the Mariah Carey cover, and Hot Karl.

Lets take a look at the Alluring Kennedy's that make this movie so enjoyable. 

"The Prime Minister"
Hugh Grant

"Uncle Jamie"
Colin Firth 

"{Hot} Karl"
Rodrigo Santoro 

 "Sir Colin"
Kris Marshall 

Andrew Lincoln

John... "but my friends call me, Jack."
 Martin Freeman

Chiwetel Ejiofor

 Alluring Kennedy Jr...  
Thomas Brodie Sangster

Monday Moods: I feel... gl├╝cklich!

We went to Hyde Park's
this weekend...

The combination of: 
London, Christmas,
snow, carnival rides, &
hot German food like
goulash, pretzels, & egg nog...

left me oh-so-gl├╝cklich!

{Oh, didn't you know... that means "happy" in German!}

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