I Love Eat, Pray, Love.

Is it overly obvious that I'm predicting
 Eat, Pray, Love
will be a great movie?

The book was bound to be enjoyable
even if it was written horribly
(which, fortunately for all of us, it wasn't).

For heavens sake-
it's the journel of a woman's journey
all over the world...

...as she encounters 
pasta, new friends, & exotic scenery.

I guess the director just wanted to add in
another dimension of awesome
and threw Julia Roberts in the mix.

So, yeah,
I think it will be a good movie.

Kinda like how I knew that Brangelina would make pretty babies...

{Less of a talent & more accepting reality.}

Eat, Pray, Loves opens in theaters
on August 13, 2010

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Souvenir Stylings: Malibu

Hello there! 
For those of us who haven't met, 
I am Aspiring Kennedy's interior designer

As Aspiring Kennedy travels the globe, 
I have taken on the challenge of designing her vacation homes. 

With her recent trip to Malibu,
I figured that she must want a beachside abode to reside in. 

Something modern...

Something for entertaining...

Something Luxurious...

And, finally, 
Something for Cashmere Cowboy 
to ride when he visits...

I wonder where Aspiring Kennedy is jet-setting to next??

Aspiring Kennedy's faithful Interior Designer,

Beth Dotolo

*image sources

Rifle Paper Co. Giveaway!

Most girls find Anna Bond's illustration intoxicating.

I love it.

Martha loves it.

and even Oprah loves it.

But, really, how could you not?

It's intricately simple,

it's poshly understated,

and heavens, is it charming!

Luckily, my day job allows me to work with Anna
to make some amazing invitations!

{ letterpress + illustration = i'm getting light headed }

And lucky for you-

{you could have this print.
in your home. on the wall. for free!}

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*images are from Rifle Paper Co.

SPF 25

This morning 
I got up early,
{8:00 am}
boarded a plane, and headed west.

with a new friend...

I'm beach bound for the day
with a cold drink & a good book.

After dinner,
 I'll catch the red-eye home.

Good grief,
I love being 25.

*image source 1 & 2

Ride On...

It's so exciting when you find a cool new blog.

Something different to add to your google reader.

That's why I am so happy for the debut of 

This blog is penned by
{the absurdly handsome}
who offers a male perspective 
on life well lived.

Get in on the fun today at

Happy Trailers to You.

regarding my recent trip to Palm Springs.
{Can I get an amen?}

So when I went to Arkansas last week, 
I considered asking for her design take on my travels.

However, I decided to save up her talent 
for my upcoming journeys that are slightly more exotic.

{I pay pretty poorly, so I can't push my luck.}

So here's MY personal vision.

Without further ado:
"Ozark Chic"

If you are wanting to go on
the most unique vacation ever,
check out 
in Cape Town, South Africa
that offers these converted 
Airstream Trailers 
for accommodation.

How cool is that?

Peach Fuzz is the Pitts.


Brad : Hey Angie- remember when I had that disgusting beard and how everyone was worried I had quit being hot?

Angelina : Yep. We really tricked 'em. Didn't we?

{present day}

Welcome back, Brad. 

People Magazine's
 "Most Beautiful People" issue
just hasn't been the same without you.

Beverly Hillbilly

I'm off to Arkansas!

While this may be the least likely place
for an Aspiring Kennedy to find herself...

{or another other presidential hopeful}

Have no fear...

I am like a fish in water there!

There's nothing like summertime in the Ozarks....

See ya later, Y'all!

It's Greek to me...

So I've been told I'm a cheeseball.

I am likened to Galinda from Wicked.

I am compared to giddy Alice Cullen.

I openly admit that I lean towards 
obnoxiously cheesy and happy (albeit dorky) things.

{e.g: musical soundtracks, over-use of glitter, coloring with scented markers, 
and religiously dressing up in pink & red on Valentine's Day}

Yet, I scornfully think that
Mamma Mia 
is the most ridiculous movie
I've ever seen.

The thing is:
I know some very respectable, talented, & fashionable people
that LOVE this movie...

And I don't get it.

Dorky me, of all people,
 should love this movie.

Colin Firth, Meryl Streep, Greek Isles for a backdrop, 
and ABBA lyrics as the majority of the script.

All the important elements for a good movie are there.

But, alas,
 I can only turn my nose up to it.

Maybe it's the stylist's unabashed use of overalls.

It could be Pierce Brosnan's awkwardly terrible singing.

Perhaps it's that it's Meryl Streep singing ABBA
in place of Agnetha or Frida.

I really can't put my finger on it-
but I want to hear your opinion.

Love it
 leave it?

Happy Hump Day!

I can't say "Hump Day" without thinking of camels
 {... and giggling to myself}.

 Here are some
of my favorite pieces in camel
to kick the
second half of your week 
 off in style!

And speaking of fashion and camels...

Remember in SATC2 when they go on their camel ride?

Would we call those outfits...

Because, like my friend, Charlotte, did in this scene
I almost fell off my seat {in laughter} at Samantha's get up.


Image 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Leo the Lion

I'm a leo.
{Is that obvious?}

I'm not so sure I buy into astrology...
but I do buy into lions!

I love them on doors,

on floors,

in vignettes,

atop duvets...

In fact,
it's really hard to go wrong with lions.

Oops. I spoke too soon.

 image source 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Mama Mia...

Right now,
Mr. & Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy 
are blissfully happy
living the DINK life.

{DINK = Duel Income/ No Kids}

There's not much you could do 
to convince us to give up 
vacations, sleeping in, &
our beloved white {fabric} couches.

It's just a really nice time in our lives.

 as every single one of my friends are pregnant,
I am getting full exposure to baby gear...

{isn't my friend, Kellee, a cute pregnant mama?}

...And these are a few items that could get me to
change my mind,
throw out the pill, 
and have a darling baby,
  but only if it's a girl, of my own.

This Marc Jacobs Swimsuit is adorable.

{I have high hopes for my child's future with Juilliard.}

Why, of course,
 Baby Kennedy 
will have this miniature Eames chair in their nursery!

Mommies (and future moms):
share your favorite finds with us!

Image Source 1, 2, 3

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