Monday Moods: I feel... anxious.

As much as I want time to stand still,
and leave us frozen in this winter forever...

I'm noticing that I'm fighting a losing battle.

{... but what a gorgeous loss it is.}

Spring is coming!

Oxford English Dictionary- VOLUME 3

I had never heard an apron called a "pinny" 
until the other night at a dinner party.

As the hostess apologetically flung hers off upon our arrival,
I made a mental note to check into this further.

I googled "penny," "penney," "pinnie," "pinney..."

It clicked.

A pinny is slang for a pinafore...
and pinafore is the cutest term in the world!

Sorry, US...

You might have won the Revolutionary War and all... 
but I'm siding with the redcoats on this one
and adopting "pinny" to my daily rhetoric.

*images via

Setting {of} the President

Happy Weekend!

Are you excited?

The freedom is almost tangible, isn't it?

Once this afternoon hits,
you'll be free to sleep in,
free to start checking off things that you need to be accomplished, 
and free to get away from your desk!

{ ... and speaking of desks.... }

Have you seen this?

A new interactive online experience for students of
from the Kennedy Library.

Flip through photo albums of the family, take a peek in his White House diary, start the secret recording button, and even get access to the Oval Office phone.

Proud daughter Caroline Kennedy is sharing in on the excitement.

"I hope users will feel they are sitting at the President’s Desk themselves, 
and will be excited to bring history to life in this dynamic setting,” 
said Caroline Kennedy, 
President of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. 

“My parents shared a love of history, and I know they would have enjoyed this exhibit themselves.” 

Enjoy the exhibit for yourself. 
{click through to visit JFK's desk}

The Perfect Setting.

Some combinations in life are pretty obvious:

... truffles & cream sauce...

... short skirts & over-knee-boots...

... Posh & Becks...

But what do you get when you combine
a luxury-display-stylist-turned-calligraphy-queen

Well, I actually don't know how to articulate all that awesomeness...
but fortunately, 
speaks for itself.

The polished duo behind the new site,
claim that their brain child 
was born out of a love for vintage items.

But it takes more than love to create a business like this.

It takes talent,

...and an inherent nature of being adorable.

{Because regular people couldn't be this charming, could they?}

you'll find bright and colorful pieces that merge 
traditional hosting & modern living 
in a gorgeously approachable way.

The coolest part of Antiquaria's vintage collection
is their bridal registry.

These talented ladies will curate china settings uniquely for you,
and will send you a link for your guests to shop these specific pieces for you alone.

Then the gifts get  pristinely wrapped, 
stamped with a custom calligraphy stamp,
{that is later a gift to the bride & groom},
& sent to the happy couple!

Which makes me think that this may be even a better combination

Just when I thought...

Just when I thought
I was over Gilt Groupe for good...
they go and have a sale like this one.

Marc by Marc Jacobs at prices that are shameful.

{... just like I like it ...}

And to ease any remaining "gilt,"

I've fallen {back} in love. 

Alluring Kennedy: Harry Shum Jr

Laura from Something Legit is back,
and introducing me to some new eye candy from GLEE.

I haven't ever watched the show {except for Gwyneth's guest star}...
but it after today,  it looks like I might be changing my tune.

Cue Music....

Lights, Smoke Machine

This week's Alluring Kennedy, drum roll please, 

also best known as Mike Chang on Glee. 

This AK first caught my eye in the movie, Step Up 2: The Streets. 

Yes I do own this movie, 
and No, I do not know why.

Wait- yes, I do!

 Because its a known fact, I love this dudes sweet moves

Seriously, he's too cute.

This suit fits like a glove. 
Doesn't it look great?

The epulets on this militant jacket add just the right touch of style. 

Harry has a huge role as choreographer the LA based dance group LXD.

So what do you guys think?

Are you now believers in Harry Shum Nation?

PS. Check out Laura's awesome post from Monday.
 I was proud to be an American after seeing what stylish men were running the show...
except for the Clinton shot.
Have mercy.

Royal Wedding Giveaway- Winner!

This weekend, there was a bit of chatter
over the freshly received invitations 
for Will & Kate.

{Even Prince Harry was tweeting the deets.}

Even though MY invitation is yet to arrive,
I thought it was perfect timing to announce the winner of

Congratulations to Lauren of Southern Aisle.

You scored yourself some of the coolest goods I've ever seen.

Email me your details, and we will get your awesome packaged in the mail!

Far Better... or Worse?

Remaking a classic can be dicey.

Sometimes it's best to leave something 
sitting in the rose colored remembrances.

{Because maybe Crystal Pepsi wasn't actually all that awesome...}

This is especially true when it comes to the big screen.

The 1954 movie, Sabrina, originally starred

...was remade in the 1990's 
under the original title with 

Both movies are split with scenes of splendor
in Paris & Long Island-
and both have perfectly casted stars for the roles.

I have to admit, I like the newer version.

 I saw the newer one first,
and it wasn't until for several years after 
that I even knew of the original,
so my bias was already set.

Have you seen Sabrina?

Which version do you prefer?

Audrey & Humphrey
Julia & Harrison?

{or is it something you prefer to click past when it's on...}

*images via here & here

Monday Moods: I feel... fresh.

the four of us
 made a quick trip 
to London for the weekend.

While we were there eating our way through the city relaxing,
we made a stop at a new place for us all:

Holy rusty.

That market is amazing.

I spent the morning meandering through
very local, 
very gorgeous,
& very tempting food.

Which means this market is very likely to be revisited by moi.

Right off the London Bridge stop
the Borough Market is open from Thursday to Saturday.

{At first, it felt like I was walking through the beginning of My Fair Lady...
but Eliza Doolittle was nowhere to be seen}

Inside this dank & rustic market,
you'll find everything under the rainbow
from chorizo & chipotles
to starfruit & sour kraut.

The best delivery, ever.

This morning I woke up to what I thought was the mailman
at our door...

but in fact, was my parents fresh off a plane from Dallas.


Planning & plotting 
has been going on behind my back,

... but I love it!

I guess I'll be taking an unexpected absence from blogging for the next few days....

Have a great weekend!

{PS Did you notice how long I just stood there? ha!}

Alluring Kennedy: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Hey, its Laura-
 from SomethingLegit

Today, I bring you this Alluring Kennedy: 
Joseph Gordon Levitt

Lately I have been referring to this man as JoGo. 

And as of late, he has been going for the gold. 

Its been a long road since 
Angels In The Outfield + 3rd Rock From The Sun. 

 JoGo first caught my eye this time around in the indie gem, Brick

He's channeling his inner male model.
Plus, his wardrobe in (500) Days Of Summer, changed my life 
and thus confirmed that Adidas Sambas could in fact 
be worn with sweater vests and JCrew slacks.


Don't act like your not impressed.

The Perfect Ten

Did you seen me at

I felt really cool when they asked me
to contribute to the hip series 

photo by aaron snow

{Check it out. You might be one of the ten!}

Fit For a Queen: The Royal Giveaway

The Royal Wedding is coming...
and I am getting ready.

I'm planning where we will camp out.
deciding what I will wear, 
& plotting how I will sneak in the ceremony.

You know... all the basics.

If I weren't living in the UK for this event, 
I would be dying.

How could I not be here for such a huge event?!

And so I figured some of you might feel the same pain.

That's why I've put together a giveaway 
full of Royal Wedding goods!

A tote bag,
a mug with the happy couple,
&  my favorite detox tea-
because, hello, it's time to start slimming down for the big day!

Just think how awesome these suckers are gonna be in a few years.
Classic items, ladies & gents.

To Win The Royal Giveaway:
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5. Pick your Prince: William or Harry
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*winner will be selected Feburary 21st by

Souvenir Stylings: Provence, France

Hello again!

It's Aspiring Kennedy's faithful interior designer,

Beth Dotolo

I'm charged with the task 
of designing her dream homes abroad 
and helping her recreate her travels at home.

...and by 'charged' I mean: 'out of the kindness of my heart'.

to Southern France for 'work'.

(Yes, that's real life.)

Southern France is known for
it's picturesque countryside & rural villages...

But, let's be honest,
Aspiring Kennedy ain't no farm hand! 

So we're taking French Provencal up a notch 
adding a little twist.

Because, even though 
Aspiring Kennedy 
is simple at heart... 

She's just plain... fancy. 

Now, that's a French countryside 
I could see Aspiring Kennedy
hanging her hat on. 

Here are a few great pieces
that can add a bit of that
French Provencal style,
without making your space 
look like a farm home...

If you could travel abroad 
and take that 'look' home with you,
where would you go?

Aspiring Kennedy's 
Faithful Interior Designer,

Monday Moods: I feel... full.

I woke up this morning to Tyler sneaking in the door to our flat,
 and walked in to find this on the table.

Sweet, sweet boy.

He made a recreation of our favorite breakfast at Paul Bakery,
 propped up with flowers, & a hilarious card...
that magically dropped out two tickets to Ray LaMontagne when I opened it.

I was left in the afterglow of feeling like
 the luckiest girl in the world
when my buzzer rang.

Up to my door came a giant box
with a dozen roses from my dad.

My consistent Valentine...

{who even adored me as a chubby, awkward adolescent.}

What did I do next?
I boo-hoo'd like a baby alone in my flat.

I just felt a little overwhelmed by the two great men in my life.

I know people are cynical of Valentine's Day,
but I'll never resent a holiday that reminds me to spoil my loved ones.

Whether it's your love, your dad, your friend, or someone who just needs to feel special-
use today as an excuse to show someone else they are loved.

Or maybe even make them cry, like me.

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