Monday Moods: I feel... fresh.

the four of us
 made a quick trip 
to London for the weekend.

While we were there eating our way through the city relaxing,
we made a stop at a new place for us all:

Holy rusty.

That market is amazing.

I spent the morning meandering through
very local, 
very gorgeous,
& very tempting food.

Which means this market is very likely to be revisited by moi.

Right off the London Bridge stop
the Borough Market is open from Thursday to Saturday.

{At first, it felt like I was walking through the beginning of My Fair Lady...
but Eliza Doolittle was nowhere to be seen}

Inside this dank & rustic market,
you'll find everything under the rainbow
from chorizo & chipotles
to starfruit & sour kraut.


  1. We went there this weekend too. It's a new favorite!

  2. LOVE it too, one of my favorite London places!

  3. I've never been to this marketing but your pictures certainly make me want too :)

  4. So London is on my top 5 places to travel one day. Thank you for allowing me to live vicariously through you while I patiently await for that dream to come true:)

  5. Gorgeous photos! Those would be adorable framed in a kitchen : ) I would love to visit London one day- I've never been!

  6. These photos are fabulous! I wanna go!

  7. Wow! That market looks amazing!

  8. such lovely photos! i am glad you had a fun time with your parents. xoxo jcd

  9. Great photo essay. You can get fresh with me any time. :)

  10. Great food photography! The market sounds divine!


  11. It all looks so fresh and yummy! Pretty sure that whole wheel of cheese would've come home with me! Hope you had fun with your parents!

  12. Yummy!!! So happy that you had a wonderful weekend with your folks.

    And, from the looks of it...enjoyed some delicious meals while they were there.

    xoxo e

  13. Hi. What a lovely blog you have! I just found you via 'Expat Blog'
    I'm an American living in Oxford as well. My husband and I have lived here for over three years.

    Beautiful photos!

  14. fantastic blueberry shot! what a vibrant color


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