Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

In England, trick or treating is NOT what it is in America.
{Add that to the list with: central heating, stick deodorant, & burritos.}

my first halloween... hi mom!
I hope you enjoy the day!

 It's a great time to be together as a family and getting to know your community.
{You can actually talk to your neighbors ... and snag a peek in their homes.}

Plus as adults, you get to the do "the candy check."
You should really keep your eye out on Reese's Cups this year.
I hear they are delicious dangerous. 

Friday Funday: Kick Your Shoes Off.


It's the weekend in Oxford!

....and it's almost quittin' time where you are, too!

I'm hosting a Halloween party tomorrow night in London.

We are using going as Romans...
with sheets for togas 
and laurel wreaths made from the tree out our balcony.

Yes, okay...

I'm probably slacking off a bit.

Maybe you should tell me your
Martha Stewart approved ideas...
and I'll use them for next year!

{I'm just kidding... sort of.}

Cut the Cheese- A Dirty Confession.

I can promise you:
things are about to get uncomfortable.

You may change your opinion of me,
but today I realized, 
I've been keeping something from you.

Something that seems like a lie 
for you not to know:

I don't like cheese.

{In fact, I think it's pretty gross.}

Aesthetically, it's fantastic.

What's better than a cheese board with some pretty wine beside it?

But you get that bleu cheese near me
... and it will get awkward.

And the scariest of all the cheeses?

 The gooey, white layer congealing upon bread...
{white pizza, croque monsieur, & the vilest offender: the stuffed crusted pizza.}

But if you like it- 
Eat away!
Dunk your food on into that silky fondue... 

I don't care. I'm happy for you.

Just don't take it personal when I pass up your famous cheese log at the Christmas party.

Anyone else there with me? 
 I think I may be alone on this one...

I Love It... aly.

I'll state the obvious:
I want a house in Italy...

This isn't an original idea...
others have bought them first,
and I know your own dreams 
would probably fall in line somewhere close by.

I just want a small place 
that I can go to fall 
into the rhythm 
of daily piazza life.

A place to someday take my kids,
where they'll learn to love gnocchi,
and sputter out their Americanized-Italian to the kids next door.

A place where my friends can take the keys, 
and slip away from busy work weeks amidst wine & sunshine.

A place that Tyler & I can enjoy our memories from when we were younger,
and place that is consistent through the years.

The dreamer that I am, 
finds solace and inspiration in these places...

Palazzo Pizzo- the blog of a family remodeling a house in Southern Italy.
 An honest diary of an old palace on a wall along the coast 
being remodeled via correspondence from Germany 
to their faithful Italian contractor, Angelo.

featured in the New York Times this week.

When I read Under the Tuscan Sun, I felt like I was on a vacation...
{well, I actually was in Palm Beach on vacation}
the book offers a much sweeter story than the movie.

Sometimes, I find a nice bowl of pasta to be quite delicious inspiring, too.


Oh man, do I love Italy. 

Where would you 
want to have 
a home-away-from-home?

Liberty of London hits the Target.

For a little while today, 
I was missing home.

I missed enjoying the sunshine
driving in my tank-ish Tahoe. 
Oh the days that I could drive through Chic-fil-A,
and then whip into a parking space at Target 
to spend the afternoon ambling mindlessly through the aisles.

Today, I went to website instead.

Now this "Brit-ican" 
loves the marriage of

{Almost as good as "Saturday & Sunday."}


I'd seen the cute bowls at Kellee's house... and loved them.

I'd looked at the cute tumblers in store... and loved those, too.


But never did I know...
 they made bicycles!


The pen & paper is out...
and Christmas List 2010 has officially begun!

Aspiring Kennedy- Status Update

We saw The Social Network yesterday...
and  I really "liked" it.


in countering his portrayal-
but regardless of how you feel about him, 
the story of Facebook is really incredible.

I'm the same age as Mr. Zuckerburg, 
and, to me, the movie perfectly rolled out Facebook. 

It offered a very realistic portrayal of the 
"facebook culture" that so rapidly developed 
as new Facebook features rolled out over the years.

In fact, it was a bit nostalgic.
{Remember the day we could add pictures? Or do a status update? Or "like" something? I do.}

To be honest, I *might* have liked the movie more 
once I learned
the Winklevoss twins
were in the class ahead of my husband
in Oxford's MBA Programme.

What better place to row than the Thames? image via

Speaking of Facebook-
I started a page for Aspiring Kennedy this week.

I would LOVE for you to come LIKE it.

What are your weekend plans?
Mine look something like this....

Rise To The Occasion

to my favorite restaurant,
Rise No. 1

This Dallas restaurant specializes, 
nay- divinely creates,
souffles for every range of the palette.

With "savory souffles" of
 jambon et fromage, southwestern chicken,
creamed spinach, lobster, truffle infused wild mushroom....

to their list of"sweet souffles" of 
Praline Pecan, Chocolate, Grand Marnier, Bread Pudding, & Raspberry....

... you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for.

{Or surprise yourself with one of Chef Sharif' Brahmi's latest inspirations.}

Oh, and did I mention they have an amazing wine list?

This table has the best view in the house- the kitchen at work.

Think more Provence, less Paris...

J'adore this place.

When you go, look for Sharif Brahmi
 {head chef & co-owner of Rise No. 1}....
and his sweet daughter, Tara, the manager.

Between those two, a bottle of wine, and a few rounds of souffles-
I can only promise you a night that is...
say.... magnifique?

Rise No. 1

Inwood Village
5360 West Lovers Lane
No. 220
Dallas, Texas 75209

telelphone: 214.366.9900

Hit the (Double) Wall

If I've said it once,
I've said it a hundred times:

(Remember my post from the Nest blog a while back?...)
Their chic double-wall design makes them perfect for hot drinks,

perfect for cold drinks,

and perfect for sitting pretty.

I got two full sets for Christmas from Mr. Wonderful,
and fall in love with them again
every time I use them.

Monday Mood: I feel ... social.

After looking at these pictures...
I'm in the mood to hit the town.

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