Cut the Cheese- A Dirty Confession.

I can promise you:
things are about to get uncomfortable.

You may change your opinion of me,
but today I realized, 
I've been keeping something from you.

Something that seems like a lie 
for you not to know:

I don't like cheese.

{In fact, I think it's pretty gross.}

Aesthetically, it's fantastic.

What's better than a cheese board with some pretty wine beside it?

But you get that bleu cheese near me
... and it will get awkward.

And the scariest of all the cheeses?

 The gooey, white layer congealing upon bread...
{white pizza, croque monsieur, & the vilest offender: the stuffed crusted pizza.}

But if you like it- 
Eat away!
Dunk your food on into that silky fondue... 

I don't care. I'm happy for you.

Just don't take it personal when I pass up your famous cheese log at the Christmas party.

Anyone else there with me? 
 I think I may be alone on this one...


  1. i cannot believe you hate cheese! lol i wish i did...yum yum ;)

  2. Have to say I love cheese but it doesn't love me! :( I guess that's what you get when you are raised in Europe - lots of that unpasteurized goodness!

  3. totally alone :) i love me some cheese!!

  4. you are nutso. :) i kid. cheese is one of the most wonderful things provided to us as food. grilled cheese, cheese and crackers, cheese of my mexican food. i can't get enough!

  5. Happy almost Halloween from Tokyo! Much as we do love our cheeses and its many uses, a good wine tray~or any other food display~has so many other delicious options to choose from these days! Thank goodness, right? I love the unexpected and a choice other than "just cheese" every now and then is nice.

    A lovely Friday to you!



  6. oh wow! hahaha
    I grew up with my best friend hating it too so im used ;)

  7. I don't know that I've ever met a cheese I didn't like. My boyfriend has a weird cheese thing though. He doesn't like it melted. Strange.

  8. i am mainly sad for you... cheese is a major player in my life, but seriously if there was anyway i could love it less... that would be ideal. glad you got this off your chest though :)

  9. I can totally relate! I am afraid of eating most cheeses. They smell, they are weird - ick! I only like cheddar!

  10. Alas, I really dig cheese
    but I can understand your trepidations --
    it's stinky, runny and makes your hips spread ; p
    That said, I'll spread mine on bread any day!, cheers, Alcira

  11. I totally dislike cheese, but found that I need cheese sticks in my life. They make my day better.

  12. Gasp! The horror!
    I don't know if I will ever look at you the same way... just kidding!
    I still love you anyways!

  13. I'll definitely pass on anything in the form of a 'log' ~ but that's the only cheese that will sneak past my radar! I could live off of it!

  14. Give it a chance! I love cheese and always have some out when I have company over. Cheese, wine and fruit is my favorite combo.

  15. HATE IT!!! I was lactose intolerant as a child and though I have grown out of it I am still not the biggest dairy person. I would NEVER pour myself a glass of milk, I only eat the tiniest of yogurt pots and never, ever will I eat cheese. Not cheese and crackers, no cheeseburgers, I even tap out after one slice of pizza. I don't even like making a sandwich for someone else and having to touch it!
    I thought I was alone in this, thank you for your confession!

  16. I love, love cheese but one of my best friends has a severe aversion to cheese. I tried to tell her pizza and cheeseburgers were some of the best things ever - alas!

  17. it would probably be for the best had I not enjoyed a hunk of cheese now and again... But I must admit I am shocked and appauled! No wonder your waistline seems so teeny ;) More for me, I suppose. Thank you for coming out with this, you must feel so much better.

  18. Oh man! Not a cheese-lover!? At least you're a healthier person for it!

  19. I've been reading back through your blog (new follower here!) and just discovered this post. It totally made my week! I was beginning to think I was the only person out there who disliked cheese =)


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