I Love It... aly.

I'll state the obvious:
I want a house in Italy...

This isn't an original idea...
others have bought them first,
and I know your own dreams 
would probably fall in line somewhere close by.

I just want a small place 
that I can go to fall 
into the rhythm 
of daily piazza life.

A place to someday take my kids,
where they'll learn to love gnocchi,
and sputter out their Americanized-Italian to the kids next door.

A place where my friends can take the keys, 
and slip away from busy work weeks amidst wine & sunshine.

A place that Tyler & I can enjoy our memories from when we were younger,
and place that is consistent through the years.

The dreamer that I am, 
finds solace and inspiration in these places...

Palazzo Pizzo- the blog of a family remodeling a house in Southern Italy.
 An honest diary of an old palace on a wall along the coast 
being remodeled via correspondence from Germany 
to their faithful Italian contractor, Angelo.

featured in the New York Times this week.

When I read Under the Tuscan Sun, I felt like I was on a vacation...
{well, I actually was in Palm Beach on vacation}
the book offers a much sweeter story than the movie.

Sometimes, I find a nice bowl of pasta to be quite delicious inspiring, too.


Oh man, do I love Italy. 

Where would you 
want to have 
a home-away-from-home?


  1. Oh, what a pretty dream! I would want a house in Spain, eastern spain, an area called Extremadura..lots of olive groves, misty mornings, horses....not too far from the coast. Villages that are 500 years old and look the same, giant cranes living in giant nest on roof tops...cozy food, beautiful language. Sigh...

  2. May I join you? If not in Italy, at least for a bowl of that pasta and a good old natter?!

  3. I LOVE this post. Italy is beautiful.. I would love a home away from home somewhere in the south of France.. dreams..

  4. What a wonderful dream. I hope you get your little place in Italy someday.

    I would love to own a flat in Paris, the fashion, the art, the lights. *sigh* Or, and this probably isn't nearly as interesting to most people, but a beautiful big beach house in Carova Beach in North Carolina. The beaches can only be reached by 4 wheel drive so there isn't tons of people to deal with and I could maybe occasionally glimpse the wild horses running on the beach.

  5. i want a house in tuscany and i want to be able to visit Nice, France on a regular basis. asking too much? Maybe. But one can dream. and the dish looks dee-lish. even though it's 9:00am here.

  6. Gorgeous post...what beauty.
    I think we all have these dreams...too many destinations to name come to mind with me.
    oFr now, you can pop over to Nero and take a gander at the very real apartment we're trying to cobble together over in Egypt.
    Hope you get that dream house in Italy some days, with the children, the friends, the memories, the love.


  7. What an amazing set of photographs and such a dreamy idea.
    My family has a second home in Ireland and I love escaping there when I can. It hasn't been often enough in the past 18 months, I really do need to get over there.

  8. don't we all want a house in Italy, i mean, at least i do!! what lovely images... really takes me right there! and yes, you can never go wrong with a good ole bowl of pasta! yummers!

  9. Lovely, may I join you?

    If I could have a home anywhere it would be in the South France but your dream of Italy is so thoughtful, relaxing, decadent and yet selfless. I'm hoping it comes true.

  10. Italy it beautiful fact.

    By my realistic side made me want the pasta :) I have to make that!

  11. My dream vacation home? A little batch cottage on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Insanely gorgeous scenery, a slightly rustic feel... it'd be my heaven!

  12. italy is one of my favorite travel spots and loves too! gelato and pizza so thin you have to fold it makes me smile!

    but if i had to retire or have a european home somewhere - i think the greek isles would suit me. then when i am sketching on my terrace a lovely greek man would approach me and ask me out and we would have a HOT summer fling- oh wait that's sisterhood of the traveling pants 2! not that i have ever seen is or anything:)

  13. hmmm. I love my home but I think I might want one near the ocean one day....

  14. I would absolutely move to Italy... I love everything about it :) and those pictures are great!

  15. I would love to have a little apartment in Paris, ha it is amazing! :)
    I absolutely love it there! :)


  16. Italy, definitely! Your pictures just make me want one even more.

  17. Wow, gorgeous! I heart Italy too!


  18. fa la la, this made me feel so much calmer!



  19. I have had Italy on the brain all year....Florence, Rome, Lake Cuomo...but I would adore a place in St Barts. Je Adore!!!
    xo Elizabeth

  20. J'adore France! I would love to have an apartment in Paris. That way we could take weekend trips to the Loire Valley or the South of France.

  21. seriously love the top photo

  22. Looks amazing - wish I could join you! If I had an endless supply of money, I would have a manor house in Ireland, a beach house in the Outer Banks and a place in the mountains of Banff, Canada. :)

  23. Swoon...If only! I would love to have a second home in DC. A row house in Georgetown preferably. Le sigh.

  24. The picture of the girls jumping in the water took my breath away...I want to be there so badly!

  25. Definitely Italy!!! I'm totally in love with the food, the country, the wine, the language... Can't wait to go back!

    Kristin xx

  26. I moved to Tuscany 7 years ago for love (just married my Italian this past June). I know what you're all thinking...but take it from me: the things you see as a tourist are not the same as daily life. I hate to burst bubbles here, keep dreaming your dreams, please! But I'm speaking from experience (and the rest of my expat cohorts always agree). PS Love this blog! Love!

  27. Oh but let me also say that Italy is Italy and as much as I hate it sometimes, I also love it here :)

  28. Buon Giorno !
    What a lovely post !
    It felt so warm and familiar. I thought, we have this kind of rock where kids can jump into the water... when I scrolled down and see: MY HOUSE IS INCLUDED in your dreams of Italy !!! How sweet!
    But you are right. I have to remember how blessed we are !
    And our modest "palazzo" is in such posh company: Armani Palazzo in Milan.
    Wow !
    Beautiful post !
    Hope you and your readers will visit us one day! I will slip the keyes... ;-)

  29. Dream big..! What a great post


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