Crown Joules

Bloggers get a lot of press releases.

For example, I've somehow landed on a list for UK food-industry related writers...
which sends me really random emails about things like new organic soup brands
and "exciting" announcements about lunches served in Derbyshire school cafeterias.

I actually read a lot of them...
because I'm bizarrely interested in random stuff like that.

But beyond press releases talking about mandolins & neon-colored whisks,
 most get discarded immediately after first glance.

{SUBJECT: New cartoon-themed line of light-fixtures to be designed by Italian designer!}

Last week, I got an email from Joules.

Joules is an English brand... 
that I had never heard of before opening her email that morning.

Later that day, I was in Covent Garden and stumbled upon one of their stores!

It was fate.

I walked in, browsed around, tried on lots of shoes,
and got really excited to tell you all about the brand.

You've probably seen their adorable wellies all over Pinterest...

Though the company is only 6 years old,
they have a really classic design to a lot of their designs...
with really fresh updates & embellishments.

But the best part?
It's REALLY affordable.

{I bought Tyler a pair of suede boots for £39 on sale!}

Whaddaya think?

Even better now, right?

4 Day Weekend

I know, I know...
it is awful to be back in the office
after having a three-day weekend.

It's super depressing to go immediately from a weekend of celebrating summer
to an office where you are reminded:
actually, summer doesn't really exist count for people with 9-5 jobs.

In light of the harsh downshift
you are most definitely probably experiencing today
as you sort through emails & sit in staff meetings,
I'm taking you on a quick trip to the French countryside.

Let's draw out this return to reality for as long as possible, shall we?

I leave you with an awkward series of Tyler being ridiculous. Look at that grab in the second picture. 

Though there is one really good aspect
 to coming back to work after a long weekend....

Friday is just four days away!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

FOUR SALE: Summer Skirt

I've been in Scotland for the past few days
for a quick work trip.

After the endless complaining I have been doing
about the endless crappy weather here,
I have been silenced.

The clouds broke, the sun appeared,
the temperatures have risen...
and we, my friends, are experiencing a heat wave!

I am so happy!

I've literally been going non-stop since the sun arrived
in order to enjoy every moment of the good weather that I can.

I'm back in London now,
but have a really exciting treat for you all...

this totally awesome skirt.

{If I do say so myself!}

Psst... I finally joined instagram! Username: aspiringkennedy.... duh. :)

I found this little gem in Edinburgh
and loved how perfect it was in the summer weather...
it's cool fabric feels great on a sunny day,
long length & pattern that is terribly summer appropriate,
and is, actually, totally flattering... which I really appreciate.

I instagram'd it from Edinburgh and it seemed that every comment was:
"Love your skirt!"

When I saw the general response, 
a little bell went off in my mind:
Obviously, you all need one, too.

So, I bought some.
And now I'm selling them to you.

No special brand, just from a local store here...
but it is super cute and the perfect (cheap) addition for summer!

Please remember, all sales are final...
as I can't take these back. :)

Skirt US2/ UK 6:

Skirt US 4/UK 8:

Skirt US 6/UK 10:

Skirt US 8/UK 12:

Skirt US 10/UK 14:

*all sales final. 
**please allow for cheap/slow shipping, as i like to keep the shipping price as low as possible. arrival is typically about 2 weeks from purchase. :)

It's fun having cool friends...

... because when you have cool friends, 
you get to do cool things with them
instead of sitting around your flat
clicking through Suri's Burn Book, 
eating yoghurt that is past it's expiration
while waiting for your pants to finish drying on the radiator.

I mean not like I do that or anything.... 
at least, not every day.

A good example of this
was when I got to help Helena style her flat
for a shoot for The Everygirl.

And when I say "style," 
you realize that actually, basically, means:
eat almond croissants, chat up the photographer 
& root through Helena's make up & jewelry while she tried on clothes.

Yeah, it was super fun.

photos by lbk

Sarah Hogan, the photographer, was amazing.

Not only are her pictures fantastic, 
but she is way fun to work with...
like, I want to go buy a huge house,
spend tons to decorate it
get in disastrous debt...
just to give me another excuse to spend the day 
hanging out with her.

I stole a few shots from the piece to show off her skills...

photos by Sarah Hogan

So, go on.

Click through to see the entire shoot
and fall more in love with Helena 
for being the incredible mix of exotically fabulous
(Greek girl- raised in Spain- who went to French school & works in London?)
and completely down-to-earth

You'll love seeing how NORMAL her house is.

It makes me happy to see her pretty life showcased this way.

I, in the meantime, will be sitting here...
drinking a tepid cup of chamomile tea & moving files to my external hard-drive.


Annnnnnd that is why I'm thankful to have friends that are actually not losers.

Med Degree: Tom Ford, Neroli Portofino

The other day, I was in John Lewis and made a new friend at the Tom Ford counter.

I mean, this guy was really awesome...
he's was an LA native in a killer suit 
with some sweet specs.

We discovered we had parallel lives as expats flopping between London & Paris,
got slightly emotional about the merits of dry oils,
& held each other as we confessed our desperation for sunshine.

Ok, now I'm exaggerating...
but one thing that happened for sure 
was that I fell head over heels for
Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino line.

The least provocative ad for Neroli Portofino one can find.
This stuff is the real deal.

It's such a steady scent of fresh notes of the Mediterranean
wrapped in a luxe essence that only Tom Ford could master.

It's the perfect fresh scent to get you ready to prance around a resort,
get you in the zone for a ladies lunch over mimosas,
or to accompany you on a night of mingling on a Southern Italian terrace.

{Yes, I reside in a constant mental state of fairy tales...
but it's much prettier there & way more fun.}

The luxe range is killer expensive
with a 3.4 oz bottle of perfume costing $265.

{The real winners of the line, IMO, are the parfume & body splash.}

But as the line is gender neutral,
if you can get your partner on board with how great it is...
you could possibly justify the splurge as a "joint purchase."

Neroli Portofino, Tom Ford: Shower Gel | Private Blend Bar Soap $35 | Candle $85
 50 ml Parfum $265 | Moisturizer $65 | Body Splash $70

Until I can convince Tyler to join in on the splurge,
I'll be enjoying the free samples my new friend sent home with me...
and dreaming of that future evening on the Mediterranean
dressed in a gauzy, white dress, 
oversized sapphires,
 & Neroli Portofino.

Do you have Neroli Portofino? 
Have you found it has increased your presence at Italian soirees & resorts?

A Close Shave.

Recently, my husband took a turn into his mid-life
and celebrated his 30th birthday.

{30? Really?}

Since we have been a little "experience" heavy lately,
it was actually really hard to think of an activity
that was worthy of such a monumental day.

I'm not sure how well I actually did at the overall day...
but I know I did two things right.

The first was booking dinner at the OXO tower
overlooking the skyline of London.

(One point, me. One point for you, too, if you go when you visit London.)

The second was taking Tyler to 
to primp & pamper him.

This quirky salon is the brainchild of Ted Baker.

Apparently, after experiencing a traditional Turkish shave in Turkey (duh),
Ted came back and opened up a shop to recreate the experience.

It's pretty fantastic, I must say...
and it wasn't even me with the appointment!


The clothes the barbers wear are awesome Ted Baker clothes.
They all are the same... but they all rock.

You get treated to some mean Turkish coffee for you while you wait.

They move giant razor blades around men's throats like it's no big deal.

How smooooooth Tyler's face was for days. Lovely.

They have bowls of matches & combs to take for free...
except you may realize when you get home, they aren't actually matches...
they're condoms.

And I made a joke about never having "these" 
when I need them to the guy as I shoved a handful in my purse.

And he giggled.

{Editor's Note: Sign up for 'Anti-Moron' coaching class immediately.}

Oh well.. regardless of the impression I made there,
the important thing is: Tyler really liked it.

And that's good...
because now that he's 30,
there's not as much to be excited about.

I kid, I kid.

PS. Im headed to Scotland for a "wee" work trip today
where I'll be hopping around Edinburgh & the country for a few days.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

The Aspiring Kennedy's Show & Tell

Let's play a game of "Show & Tell."

First, I'm going to show you some of the food I've had lately...

Now, I'm going to tell you that all of these meals were delicious.

Wasn't that a fun game?

Between our trip to Northern Italy,
lounging in the Loire Valley,
wrapping up our time in Paris,
& getting back to life in London...
we have been eating good this month!

For as tasty as the food is in France,
I'm excited to be back in the UK.

{Yes, we are now back in London. It's official!}

I know it sounds crazy...
but I, actually, prefer the food here to France.

Not that the French cuisine wasn't delicious,
but it doesn't boast the ethnic variety that you can find here in London.

And this girl...
well, she needs some spice.

Ok, now that my foodie porn-reel is complete... 
it's your turn to tell us:

What's the best thing you've put in your mouth lately?

Speaking of delicious food,
check out my updated page for traveling to Paris.
It has all my favorite places to eat updated for you
and is the perfect place to go when planning your next Parisian getaway!

*hah, not like that, ya freak.
**all images original to aspiring kennedy

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