Crown Joules

Bloggers get a lot of press releases.

For example, I've somehow landed on a list for UK food-industry related writers...
which sends me really random emails about things like new organic soup brands
and "exciting" announcements about lunches served in Derbyshire school cafeterias.

I actually read a lot of them...
because I'm bizarrely interested in random stuff like that.

But beyond press releases talking about mandolins & neon-colored whisks,
 most get discarded immediately after first glance.

{SUBJECT: New cartoon-themed line of light-fixtures to be designed by Italian designer!}

Last week, I got an email from Joules.

Joules is an English brand... 
that I had never heard of before opening her email that morning.

Later that day, I was in Covent Garden and stumbled upon one of their stores!

It was fate.

I walked in, browsed around, tried on lots of shoes,
and got really excited to tell you all about the brand.

You've probably seen their adorable wellies all over Pinterest...

Though the company is only 6 years old,
they have a really classic design to a lot of their designs...
with really fresh updates & embellishments.

But the best part?
It's REALLY affordable.

{I bought Tyler a pair of suede boots for £39 on sale!}

Whaddaya think?

Even better now, right?


  1. Oh man, this makes me think I should be actually reading all these press releases if the finds are as awesome as this. Freak, those boots are off the chain.

  2. Um... yes please!! How am I just now hearing about them?! Off to check them out!

  3. What a cute brand! I love that you introduced them to us. Swooning for that jacket!

  4. That sweater is AMAZING! Very cute. Will definitely keep this shop in mind when i am visiting in the fall.

  5. Ah, all of those pieces are awesome.
    I LOVE that sweater!

  6. Oh my, I just looked at their wellies and nearly convinced my husband (an avid hunter) that I needed a pair or two to go hunting with him. Thank you for sharing!

  7. love all the pieces~!

  8. precious! just ordered a super cute umbrella. also, a tip for my fellow non-expats, if you don't mind slower shipping, there's a free option in the us shop once you start completing your order that isn't visible prior to starting checkout.

  9. I love Joules! We have one in Harrogate, and it's a regular stop-in for me when I'm in town! It reminds me a bit of Ness, out of Scotland- have you been in a Ness? I'm obsessed with their bags...

  10. Love the jacket and the wellies! Oh, who am I kidding...I love it all!

  11. I've been wanting those wellies! Their stuff is so cute, I love that sweater.

  12. oh i haaave totally seen those bow wellies! gah. cute stuff! totally duchess-y.

  13. I love that - thanks for sharing! Looks likes the perfect picks for a cool and gloomy Fall day. :)

  14. ohh, those boots and socks are fabulous!!
    xo TJ

  15. huwhaaa!!! why does something like this not exist over here. It's just not fair!

  16. I love Joules! Their wellies especially!

  17. I must check out this.
    The wellies are fantastic!
    Thanks for the tip my friend:)

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  19. This is absolutely beautifull Home

  20. They often sell Joules at horse shows Stateside. I wasn't wild about their earlier collections, i.e. pink rugby stripe wellies and tacky faux polos, no thanks. But they've had some really adorable things as of late.

  21. I love Joules...I have a pair of their blue wellies with a yellow ribbon on back! Love them!


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