The Aspiring Kennedy's Show & Tell

Let's play a game of "Show & Tell."

First, I'm going to show you some of the food I've had lately...

Now, I'm going to tell you that all of these meals were delicious.

Wasn't that a fun game?

Between our trip to Northern Italy,
lounging in the Loire Valley,
wrapping up our time in Paris,
& getting back to life in London...
we have been eating good this month!

For as tasty as the food is in France,
I'm excited to be back in the UK.

{Yes, we are now back in London. It's official!}

I know it sounds crazy...
but I, actually, prefer the food here to France.

Not that the French cuisine wasn't delicious,
but it doesn't boast the ethnic variety that you can find here in London.

And this girl...
well, she needs some spice.

Ok, now that my foodie porn-reel is complete... 
it's your turn to tell us:

What's the best thing you've put in your mouth lately?

Speaking of delicious food,
check out my updated page for traveling to Paris.
It has all my favorite places to eat updated for you
and is the perfect place to go when planning your next Parisian getaway!

*hah, not like that, ya freak.
**all images original to aspiring kennedy


  1. Well I gained 5 pounds just reading this!! Looks DELICIOUS!! Welcome home!

  2. Best game of show and tell ever! The food does look amazing and the photos absolutely stunning. But, I agree that a girl does need her spice. Indian in London is bomb.

  3. Oh my gosh, it looks amazing. I'm so hungry! And I've never had Indian like I did in Greenwich... mmmmmmmm!!!!!

    Of course, I should probably go to India to be a REAL judge, but that trip's far off on the horizon!

  4. Oh, delicious! I actually am the one person who loves English food- although I do like a good bit of variety as well. Anytime we go to our favorite pub it's the best food- and we were there Friday and planning to head back later this week! Welcome back to England!!

  5. hahaha the best thing I've put in my mouth lately huh? LOL too funny. okay, but in all seriousness... I had this ridiculously incredible fresh salmon lox sandwich with rucola, wasabi aioli and sesame seeds on the best bread ever.. and it was just beyond amazing! YUM! I love food :)

    now that you're back in London and the good weather is ahead I say we start planning our apartment swap! :)

  6. You are a "Spice girl!"
    Wonderful array of cuisine....yummo.

  7. Nothing as delicious as these photos! I guess we had some pretty good grilled burgers this past weekend, but somehow that just doesn't compare :)

  8. Wow, I just adore your shots of food. You are a fantastic photographer and your blog is too cute! :)

  9. My mouth is officially watering. You have been all over the world and back again, so jealous!

  10. SO jealous. All of these look delicious.

  11. Yum Lauren!!! Looks like you've been living well! Welcome back to London and it's good to know that you love the food there because I would imagine it would be really hard to go back if you didn't :) xoxo

  12. YUM to all of the above!

    I recently made some bangin' bruschetta :) Blog post to come!
    Eat Cake

  13. What delicious adventures in food!
    I just had some great Indian food - Aloo Gobi and Chicken Tikka Masala! I recently had and am again craving these little brownies:

  14. Oh wow. That wasn't even nice because... now I am starving. Nom.

    Speaking of dining out in the UK.. my hubby and I are heading to London/Edinburgh/Dublin/Amsterdam in September. Can you please share your favorite dining establishments in London?!

  15. Geez, not a good post to read at 11 at night with a full bowl of homemade banana pudding (of course with nilla wafers in it!!??) calling my name from the fridge. We had one of our fave meals ever in Indian place I don't recall.

    As for my fave now...I can't seem to stop eating poached eggs on wheat toast with real butter and sea salt.

    Oh -- and i LOVE your post about being yourself and doing what feels right for you. I guarantee 99% of us that are leading 'normal' lives are pining for what you're doing now!! I've mentioned it countless times to the hubs and how we wished we'd done more of it before 'settling down' xoxoxoxo


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