Friday Funday: Kick Your Shoes Off.


It's the weekend in Oxford!

....and it's almost quittin' time where you are, too!

I'm hosting a Halloween party tomorrow night in London.

We are using going as Romans...
with sheets for togas 
and laurel wreaths made from the tree out our balcony.

Yes, okay...

I'm probably slacking off a bit.

Maybe you should tell me your
Martha Stewart approved ideas...
and I'll use them for next year!

{I'm just kidding... sort of.}


  1. Hey Romans are a costume and you're being eco friendly!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Have a GREAT party!!! Love the colors of the shoes btw. :)

    Kristin xx

  3. Aww...the Roman idea is adorable...speaking of which, not exactly a Martha idea, but be sure to check out Bath, England while you are living over can even bring your togas! :)

  4. love the oxfords. why are you in london? i want to come to your party in a poorly planned costume. for some reason i'm just not feeling it this year. I was sookie stackhouse last year and thought it was pretty good. i had all the merlottes gear, just not a blonde wig. btw - i dont think martha stewart would ever approve my ideas. i usually go a little offensive.

  5. I love those oxfords. all them.

    Enjoy your Halloween!

  6. I'm painting one eye black and a "P" on a t-shirt and going to a party as... you guessed it, A Black-Eyed Pea! Tee, hee... Happy Halloween across the pond!

  7. all you need is a blue shirt- preferably light/sky blue. attach cotton balls to shirt in fluffy cloud formation. fill up a squirt bottle with water. attend halloween party (and maybe put on some pants:). when people ask what you are you reply- squirt bottle in hand with finger on trigger- 'cloudy with a chance of rain' and squirt them. kind of mean but funny too!

  8. I love these oxfords - they're super cute! hope that you've been having an amazing weekend x

  9. Any party I've been was the ones in the togas that had the best time. Hope it was a complete throw down!! xo E


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