Rise To The Occasion

to my favorite restaurant,
Rise No. 1

This Dallas restaurant specializes, 
nay- divinely creates,
souffles for every range of the palette.

With "savory souffles" of
 jambon et fromage, southwestern chicken,
creamed spinach, lobster, truffle infused wild mushroom....

to their list of"sweet souffles" of 
Praline Pecan, Chocolate, Grand Marnier, Bread Pudding, & Raspberry....

... you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for.

{Or surprise yourself with one of Chef Sharif' Brahmi's latest inspirations.}

Oh, and did I mention they have an amazing wine list?

This table has the best view in the house- the kitchen at work.

Think more Provence, less Paris...

J'adore this place.

When you go, look for Sharif Brahmi
 {head chef & co-owner of Rise No. 1}....
and his sweet daughter, Tara, the manager.

Between those two, a bottle of wine, and a few rounds of souffles-
I can only promise you a night that is...
say.... magnifique?

Rise No. 1

Inwood Village
5360 West Lovers Lane
No. 220
Dallas, Texas 75209

telelphone: 214.366.9900


  1. Mmmm, all of those souffles are making me hungry!!

  2. Wow this place looks amazing. My sister has been traveling to Dallas a lot for business, I will have to let her know about it! Thanks!

  3. Yum! That sounds (and looks) delicious! It's on my list of places to try when I'm working in Dallas this summer!

  4. i have ALWAYS wanted to try that place but never really heard much about it...well now it's on my list of a must do before i leave dallas :)

  5. I adore souffles....we went to a place in Paris that specialized in them. But, the creativity in the souffles you feature is incredible. I will absolutely beg my family or friends to meet me there on my next trip.
    xo E

  6. Ooo, I so want to hop on a plane to Dallas and have dinner there tonight! Sounds amazing! I much prefer Provence style over Paris in my dining experience. :)

  7. Oh man, everything looks ridiculously amazing!


  8. I was going to have oatmeal for breakfast...but it looks like I'll have to book a flight to Texas instead. Damn.

  9. ooooo, thanks for the tip! I wasn't familiar with that place!

  10. The decor looks wonderful -- and now I am wishing I had a souffle for dinner instead of spaghetti!

  11. Oh my gosh this place looks incredible!
    (And Saint Andre is my favourite cheese too!)


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