Souvenir Stylings: Provence, France

Hello again!

It's Aspiring Kennedy's faithful interior designer,

Beth Dotolo

I'm charged with the task 
of designing her dream homes abroad 
and helping her recreate her travels at home.

...and by 'charged' I mean: 'out of the kindness of my heart'.

to Southern France for 'work'.

(Yes, that's real life.)

Southern France is known for
it's picturesque countryside & rural villages...

But, let's be honest,
Aspiring Kennedy ain't no farm hand! 

So we're taking French Provencal up a notch 
adding a little twist.

Because, even though 
Aspiring Kennedy 
is simple at heart... 

She's just plain... fancy. 

Now, that's a French countryside 
I could see Aspiring Kennedy
hanging her hat on. 

Here are a few great pieces
that can add a bit of that
French Provencal style,
without making your space 
look like a farm home...

If you could travel abroad 
and take that 'look' home with you,
where would you go?

Aspiring Kennedy's 
Faithful Interior Designer,


  1. A "look" home - I would want a sort of modern tuscan farmhouse....
    minimal, but with everything I need, my family, friends, books, art....
    lots of light, sun and good sights!

  2. A beautiful post! Though the French countryside look is lovely, I would prefer a beachy yet sophisticated look inspired by Prince Edward Island in Canada, one of the San Juan islands off of Washington in the United States, or one of the many quaint spots found on the Northeastern coast of the United States.

  3. I've brought the french look home with me, but not exactly countryside, we're in a bit of an in between stage!

    This is just awesome though, LOVE this.

  4. I'd love some Parisian chic in my home. This is a stunning post- loved it all. And ps, love that michie commented on PEI- I spend every summer there and it is quite delightful!

  5. Beautiful - love the images and your picks. I recently posted about houses in the south of France - would love to spend a summer there sometime!!

  6. love those "eat" napkins! all of these photos are so pretty and light. xoxo jcd

  7. Those floors, those chandeliers! Gorgeous! I actually love a bit of mexico, love the funky colours against a white washed back drop!
    Rachie xo

  8. Gorgeous! I love this take on French Country. I'd being aiming for something like this but I simply can't say no to toile and it always ends up a, colorful.

  9. Love all your finds...and I love some Parisian chic in my home too. I'm going to Belgium in the spring and can't wait to find something amazing to bring back.

    Great post girlies!

  10. My dream homes abroad would be a chic Parisian apartment of an Italian villa! Oh, it's good to dream!

  11. I think this is my favorite of the Souvenir Stylings- I love French country!

  12. I love the french countryside too!

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