Monday Moods: I feel... full.

I woke up this morning to Tyler sneaking in the door to our flat,
 and walked in to find this on the table.

Sweet, sweet boy.

He made a recreation of our favorite breakfast at Paul Bakery,
 propped up with flowers, & a hilarious card...
that magically dropped out two tickets to Ray LaMontagne when I opened it.

I was left in the afterglow of feeling like
 the luckiest girl in the world
when my buzzer rang.

Up to my door came a giant box
with a dozen roses from my dad.

My consistent Valentine...

{who even adored me as a chubby, awkward adolescent.}

What did I do next?
I boo-hoo'd like a baby alone in my flat.

I just felt a little overwhelmed by the two great men in my life.

I know people are cynical of Valentine's Day,
but I'll never resent a holiday that reminds me to spoil my loved ones.

Whether it's your love, your dad, your friend, or someone who just needs to feel special-
use today as an excuse to show someone else they are loved.

Or maybe even make them cry, like me.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Looks perfect so far!

  2. Must confess...I'm a little choked up reading this post. I think you are a very lucky girl, too!!! I think that's what every girl deserves, but doesn't often get. I'm so happy you shared this.

    Can't imagine how your day could get any better, so just wishing you a Happy remaining Valentine's Day, Lauren!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. How beautiful!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. I love this Lauren, made my morning!!! Love you, Miss you.

  5. Wonderful!! Such thoughtful men - but clearly you inspire such adoration! Laughed out loud reading Tyler's card - my kind of humor. Don't think you'll be able to top your morning but hoping you have a wonderful rest of your special day!!

  6. SOOO SWEET!!!!! <3

    Happy Valentines Day! <3

  7. How precious! You have a sweet and thoughtful hubby! I love that your dad sent you those roses too. I grew up with my dad bringing me flowers/roses on v-day too but that ended once I got married. LOL.

    My hubby and I are apart for this Valentine's Day so I'm enjoying some me-time at the spa, having a light lunch and a sweet treat later-a smores cupcake! :)

  8. awww how wonderful!! so sweet of the hubby and your dad! (esp on those ray lamontage tickets)! have a lovely day xoxo jcd

  9. What a lovely start to your day! Ray puts on a great show!!!

  10. What a wonderful Valentine's Day! Tickets to Ray - lucky girl, you!

  11. what great men you have you lucky lady!

  12. Too cute! Your "consistent Valentine". I always get flowers from my Dad too.

  13. Oh this is so sweet, it almost made ME cry!

  14. aww, so sweet!! enjoy your day - happy valentine's day!! xoxo

  15. This was so sweet and always, adore your photos and charming words. Happy Valentine's! xo

  16. ok you just made me gush and slightly jealous. what a sweet heart!! and ok, i teared up. what a sweet dad!!

  17. I agree! I can totally see why some are turned off by V Day but I for one am all about holidays celebrating love. Especially when they involve wine and chocolate and maybe something sparkly ;)

    You're very lucky to have two such wonderful men in your life. I could also always count on flowers from my dad...someone you can always count on for sure.

  18. great day! and Paul's is always a good choice esp for valentine's day breakfast from your T-man. :)

  19. Pure loveliness and how great that your guys brought joy into your life as I'm sure you have for them!

  20. She has two Valentines and I'll be an old maid! (slightly altered text from *Gone With the Wind*)


  21. Very Cute post! Such a sweet note from your Dad! I LOVE Ray Lamontagne, I have seen him 3 times in concert. Once at the Fillmore SF, which was amazing!!

  22. the most lovely blog...just found and love it!!!


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