Valentine's Day... in a Cookie Way.

This afternoon-
there was a Valentine's Day party.

And let me tell,
it was a good one.

We snacked,
made Valentines, 
& most importantly-
we made cookies.

Lots & lots of cookies.

My friend, Grace, walked us through 
her grandmother's famous recipe...
or as her family calls her "Aunt Sis."

You may also know these cookies as,

Gourmet Magazine touts it as their best cookie ever-
and it's the cover of their gorgeous cookie book!

I'm a bit skeptical about people's "coveted recipe" for anything,
but this one actually lives up to the hype.

These tiny tarts are the marriage of a cookie & pastry-
with the holy blessing of strawberry jam.

Take a peek at the recipe.

 You probably have all the ingredients in your pantry,
& these gorgeous cookies 
would package up prettily for any of your Valentines!

If Cupid is aiming for me tomorrow,
his target just got a little bigger.


  1. YUM!

    Love the images.

    And YOU made me smile.


  2. im glad your party went well (what a cute idea! i had a cookie party around christmas but it would have been fun to make valentines!) those jelly cookies look GOOD, might have to check out the recipe :) enjoy the rest of your weekend-- xoxo jcd

  3. those cookies look so yummy! !!! :)

  4. So amazing and cute!!!! Happy Valentine's day!


  5. Oh this looks great...and I really need to try this cookie recipe, might just the thing for tomorrow...thanks!

  6. So pretty! Love that you made Valentines (and cookies) along with those delicious looking bubbly drinks.

    I hope you have a very lovely Valentine's Day!

  7. oh yummy! this all looks so great and delish. :)

  8. Yummy! funny how I tried to make thumbprint cookies this weekend too except mine turned out terrible!!!

  9. you are the valentine QUEEN!!! these are absolutely fabulous!!!!! love it!

  10. Sweet plus adorable. I'll have to put these on my Valentine's Day cookie idea list for next year. Wonderful photos.

  11. Seems Yummy Valentines day!!!drooling about the Cookies and tarts.. looks so yummy!Hoping a lovely Valentines Day!!!Great Post.

  12. thanks for making my day a little sweeter! (and funnier too....larger target!)


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