Alluring Kennedy: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Hey, its Laura-
 from SomethingLegit

Today, I bring you this Alluring Kennedy: 
Joseph Gordon Levitt

Lately I have been referring to this man as JoGo. 

And as of late, he has been going for the gold. 

Its been a long road since 
Angels In The Outfield + 3rd Rock From The Sun. 

 JoGo first caught my eye this time around in the indie gem, Brick

He's channeling his inner male model.
Plus, his wardrobe in (500) Days Of Summer, changed my life 
and thus confirmed that Adidas Sambas could in fact 
be worn with sweater vests and JCrew slacks.


Don't act like your not impressed.


  1. Agreed. And let's not forget Inception...

  2. Yes, he's come a long way since 3rd Rock! In certain photos, he resembles Heath Ledger.

  3. HOT!!! Have no witty comment, still drooling...

  4. i am completely impressed and i will not hide it. jogo (love it) has been one of my favs esp since 500 days of summer :) sigh he's def an alluring kennedy

  5. I agree with JMW, in some of the shots he was totally chanelling HL. All in all though, he's quite certainly one alluring kennedy.

  6. baha! He was definitely one of my first crushes!!!

  7. JoGo is a go for me! how hot is he? let me answer my own question- HOT!!! great post something legit


  8. Too funny, I just watched 500 Days of Summer (again!) tonight!

  9. Wow, as mentioned above, he really does resemble Heath Ledger here. He certainly has come a long way from 3rd rock!

  10. Thanks for posting lb. I'm still swooning at this man!

  11. i love him! he seems so charming and he really knows how to wear a suit


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