Oxford English Dictionary- VOLUME 3

I had never heard an apron called a "pinny" 
until the other night at a dinner party.

As the hostess apologetically flung hers off upon our arrival,
I made a mental note to check into this further.

I googled "penny," "penney," "pinnie," "pinney..."

It clicked.

A pinny is slang for a pinafore...
and pinafore is the cutest term in the world!

Sorry, US...

You might have won the Revolutionary War and all... 
but I'm siding with the redcoats on this one
and adopting "pinny" to my daily rhetoric.

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  1. I'm with you! Pinny is super cute!

  2. Such a charming lexicographer you make!

  3. Oh, I'm going to have to steal that word too! So much lovelier sounding than apron!

  4. Hee hee! Yep a pinny it is - My nan always had her pinny on.. x

  5. i love reading about you discovering all sorts of british eccentricities! i love hearing what you think of them all :) i remember having a pinny when i was little :)


  6. How could you not adopt that into your daily vocabulary. It's probably the cutest term I've ever heard.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  7. Okay I decided Pinny is permanantly replacing apron in my vocabulary. It is too fun not too.!

  8. I "pinny" sounds much cuter and sort of makes me want to wear the "aprons" I have, but don't use.

  9. With aprons/pinafores as cute as that...I think house work might be something to look forward to! Those British....they do have good ideas!
    xo E

  10. Agreed - much more charming. I have a wide ranging selection - from my little sexy Mrs. Claus number for the holidays to a lovely rose colored toile one to denim for the beach.

  11. I love reading about the different customs and language nuances. Keep the fun facts coming.


  12. Hahaha...we use Pinny here in Australia...although..its its more like a sleeveless dress worn over your clothing..more commonly used with children...looks totally adorable on little girls.
    An apron to us is solely related to doing messy work so to speak..cooking..painting etc..Pinny's are pretty!

    We also say Cosie...as a short word for swimming costume or bathers...actually come to think of it..alot of our words end with "inny" lol

    Love your blog :)

    Anna x

  13. ha ha, I love it! Cute story : )

  14. Pinny is definitely cuter sounding than apron. It even makes you want to cook and use one!

  15. i love the pinny on the left the best!! thanks for expanding my vocab :)


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