Happy Trailers to You.

regarding my recent trip to Palm Springs.
{Can I get an amen?}

So when I went to Arkansas last week, 
I considered asking for her design take on my travels.

However, I decided to save up her talent 
for my upcoming journeys that are slightly more exotic.

{I pay pretty poorly, so I can't push my luck.}

So here's MY personal vision.

Without further ado:
"Ozark Chic"

If you are wanting to go on
the most unique vacation ever,
check out 
in Cape Town, South Africa
that offers these converted 
Airstream Trailers 
for accommodation.

How cool is that?


  1. that's actually pretty cool! i love the second photo. what a sweet, unique place!!!

    p.s. congrats on your 100 followers. that is my new goal. i'm almost there, too!

  2. when my son was little - he always wanted to go on a vacation in a comy saavy. now i will show him these -

  3. Too bad! I could have had alot of fun with this one...
    Love your trailer chic style. I could live this kind of trailer park life!

  4. It's so cool, I like it a lot, a lot, a lot! Ozark Chic no big deal, cute and nice :)


  5. Uber cool! I love it...especially the 2nd pix.

    Happy Thursday, doll!

  6. wow, this might change my trailer opinion :)

  7. I actually think that Ozark chic is pretty fabulous if these images are any indication!


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