Mama Mia...

Right now,
Mr. & Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy 
are blissfully happy
living the DINK life.

{DINK = Duel Income/ No Kids}

There's not much you could do 
to convince us to give up 
vacations, sleeping in, &
our beloved white {fabric} couches.

It's just a really nice time in our lives.

 as every single one of my friends are pregnant,
I am getting full exposure to baby gear...

{isn't my friend, Kellee, a cute pregnant mama?}

...And these are a few items that could get me to
change my mind,
throw out the pill, 
and have a darling baby,
  but only if it's a girl, of my own.

This Marc Jacobs Swimsuit is adorable.

{I have high hopes for my child's future with Juilliard.}

Why, of course,
 Baby Kennedy 
will have this miniature Eames chair in their nursery!

Mommies (and future moms):
share your favorite finds with us!

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  1. ooh how I love baby stuff!! cant wait for that day to come :)

  2. I have so many reasons why you should want a belly of your own. My 3 are the love of my life!

  3. Adorable, but enough to make me give up my DINK life? Not yet!

  4. I have a boy and a girl and we still take vacations, drink wine and take turns letting the other sleep in. We're also fortunate enough to have a Nanny and sometimes the Grandparents that will take the kids when we want to sleep in together;)

    That said, I have more fun decorating my kids rooms and picking out their clothes than I do for myself and our own bedroom.

    I think when you're ready, you're ready and the little things like sleep don't seem so important. Just enjoy all the information your friends are gathering for you.

  5. ahahahaha (only if it's a girl - so there w/you). still not sure i even want any bc i love my white couch too!! then again i can't even commit to marriage...ISSUES! hehe - Carrie :)

  6. At least you have nephews and a niece (soon to be nieces) to shop for! :-)

  7. Hi Aspiring Kennedy!! Your blog is so elegant and beautiful!!
    Thank you so much for your book recommendation, Under The Tuscan Sun seems like the perfect summer reading!!!

    My best friend is pregnant and now she loves wearing floral dresses with big patterns, when she used to hate them!! The shopping trips around the city looking for "that" perfect dress are the best!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

    It´s a pleasure to follow you.

  8. I'm in that place where I'm torn between the two. We too enjoy vacations and life 'on the fly', no worries about naptimes and feedings, which I really do love. On the flipside, we've been married for nearly 4 years and have talked about the idea. All in all, we're still enjoying our 'us' time.

    I too am enjoying seeing all of my pregnant and mommy friends enjoy the amazing blessing that is motherhood. I look forward to day. :)

  9. Fabulous! I'm right with you on the DINK lifestyle... right now, we wouldn't give it up either!

  10. Old T-Bone needs to get to work.

  11. oh my gosh, mini eames chair.


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