Monday Moods: I feel... Jostled.

After my own version of 
trains, planes, & automobiles...
we made it home for
Christmas Eve!

And the best part?

Getting upgraded for our flight home.

for the best Christmas present.

 Our flight turned into an experience we typically try 
to black out through from buckle to buckle 


Menus offering fillets & fine wine,
enormous crystal goblets of Ben & Jerry's, 
fully flat beds, 
on demand movies,
enormous bathrooms, 
& leaving with new best friends in the flight crew... 

{I'm sure a Kennedy would be non-chalant about flying first class-
but I can only claim to aspire to such cool behavior!}

Have you ever been upgraded?

And if so, how did you ever go back to coach?
{Xanax, Ambien... ???}


  1. Ooh! What a nice treat. I've never been upgraded, it sounds fabulous though.

  2. I've never flown first class, but I don't know that anything could help my terrible motion sickness!

    (But if anything could it might certainly be Ben & Jerry's!)

  3. I looooove first class especially when you score it for being kind! I got upgraded two weeks ago for my flight to panama. It was heavenly.

    Glad you had it for the flight over to London! makes all the difference.

  4. Oh yeah. It's wretched back in coach once you've had a taste of the good life.

    Happy Christmas, dear!

  5. score! i can't wait to fly international and have flat beds. i've only been upgraded a few times. i take a xanax with me when i fly! i have flown private before and that's hard to not get used to. couches, wine, food...all for you.

  6. Several years ago we were on our way - coach - to spend Thanksgiving in Rome. JFK was a zoo; then we hear our name over the loudspeaker to come to the desk... Ready for an argument about getting bumped, the ticket agent knowingly smiled & told us she needed to upgrade our party of 4 to 1st class. Sweet! I did feel guilty leaving my sister, but I got over it - LOL.
    Glad you made it home for Christmas
    Happy 2011!

  7. i used to have to fly international to school (im a so-called 'third culture kid') and, as a result, had my very own swiss airways frequent flyer card, which meant i got upgraded on a number of occasions! it was awesome, and at 17 made me feel very grown up! oh and there was that time the guy at the first class check in desk liked the look of my friend so upgraded me just so he could talk to her...i ended up with a great seat and she had a guy running through the terminal just to giver her his number (she is very pretty)


  8. How fabulous - great treat indeed! Even after flying business, coach is a very big step down. I don't fly that often and always try to manage a business ticket!

  9. Dahlink, I flew the Concorde and it was quite the way to travel,,,,

  10. how in the world do they choose who gets upgraded...i'm still waiting for my turn! we're flying to paris and home from brussels in the spring...but on mileage tickets, so no chance of an upgrade. What a great experience...esp after all the hassle leading up to you for you!!


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