Dallas Blogger Party

Hey Y'all Pillow, Two Peaches Etsy. $29.

If you've been following along
you may have noticed
I've crossed over the pond
and am residing in the US
for the month of August.

Tyler had to work
and I figured
I should be here in the sun
instead of alone in our flat
taking care of a baby
all by my lonesome.


I am obsessed with these custom/affordable pillows from Two Peaches. $29!

So here I am,
back in Texas.

And here (some of) you are, too.

Wanna meet up?

Beth Dotolo & I are having a get together
(a really casual, super-fun get together)
to meet up with some of Dallas' finest...
and then regular people, like us.

It'll be next Friday, Aug 16th here in Dallas.

Details to come, 
but go ahead and plan on being there
that evening.

We can't wait to meet & mingle with you!

Let me know if you'd be interested below
so I can know what/where to plan this thing.


  1. Aw, so fun! I'm in the OKC area... not sure if I'd be able to make it down (M-F day job + a 3 month old on my hands). But I would like to! Clue me on the details just in case!

    I've never been to a blogger meet up before... Kinda scary/awesome!

  2. have so much fun! and how cute are these pillows?? off to check out the etsy store now :)

  3. In! Had so much fun at the Nest one last time! xx

  4. YES. I'd love to. I'm in Richardson and only have been for about 2 months. I love my husband's face, but am desperate for some girl time too. Plus, you seem pretty cool. Let's do this.

  5. ahhhhh if Simon wasn't on call I'd be all over Southwest's website like a Texan imposter. have FUN and insta the sheet out of it!!!

  6. Buh.
    How about meeting over here in Connecticut?? :) Would it be more enticing if I suggested New York, perhaps? (Or...Cape Cod?! Yes?!)

    Manda from Eat Cake

  7. girl, you love a good pillow! have a blast, i will make it to TX one day, and you'll be the first to know!

  8. ummm yes! this would be awesome. i'm new to the area after living in the UK and would love to see some friendly faces!

    keep us posted- can't wait!

  9. If I could just fly on in, I would! Have fun!!

  10. Texas bloggers, represent! Gah, if I wasn't in China this month, I would've totally made the drive from Houston... but have fun!

  11. Can I come? Even if I'm in Italy, and I don't have any flight booked for Dallas?
    Have fun, sweet girls!!

  12. If only MO and TX weren't so far away! Have a great time - can't wait to see what y'all do!

  13. I would love to! I've been really lax (ok that is an understatement) on blogging post baby but every day I want to get back in to it and meeting up with other inspiring bloggers may just give me the push I need! Plus, meeting y'all would be wonderful in and of itself!

  14. I am also a lazy blogger, but I would love to take part!

  15. Does a one time blogger, but very avid blog reader count? I love reading your blog and would enjoy meeting other Dallas area ladies!

  16. I no longer maintain a blog but I live in Dallas and have read yours for years- would love to meet you!

  17. Has a location/time been decided on for Friday? Thanks.

  18. Oh wish I had seen this sooner! I do not really blog anymore, but I love your blog and live in Fort Worth... and my husband is from England! Would love to have met you : )


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