Fall Transition-What to Wear Where?

People often ask me
if clothes are cheaper 
in Europe.

The answer is yes & no.

Some things are more (Anthropologie)
and some thing are less (Primark).

I've learned to take advantage of both worlds
over the past few years.

So in my last few days in the States
(we fly to London Wednesday & then Iceland Sunday!),
I'm taking inventory of what we have
and what we need/want for the fall.

While it's still hotter than two rats making love in a wool sock
here in old Texas,
the weather waiting for us
is much cooler.

My flip flops & shift dresses
are about to make a quick shift
to skinny jeans, boots & coats.

But before Europe takes a real nose dive
into the cool crisp Autumn temps,
we'll have a few weeks of awkwardness in the middle.

So here are a few things
(that in a perfect, pockets-full-of-hundred-dollar-bills world)
we would be packing in our suitcase 
to take back with us
to the other (almost perfect) side of the world.


  1. Safe travels....I love the striped blazer and boots. And leather is happening - in hot pants/shorts version too...

  2. LOVE those boots and that striped blazer - and also that colour-blocked sweater. I could really use a Fall/Winter shopping trip home!

  3. That cute "Take me to Paris" shirt was on Burn Notice this week. :)

  4. Two rats making love in a wool sock-->LOL! :)

    I love all your fall picks lady, I need to go shopping! Enjoy your last few days in the States :)

  5. Love the photo! haha you guys are the cutest, and I'm so excited for fall - dc somehow missed the rats in a wool sock weather

  6. My husband uses the same analogy about heat but his is much less proper...

    Love the striped blazer. Safe travels!

  7. "While it's still hotter than two rats making love in a wool sock" Wow! Now there's a great analogy if I've ever heard one ;)

  8. LOVE the boots, striped skirt and the Paris sweater...but I love the Primark reference the most.

  9. Love it all. Is it weird that I found Urban Outfitters to be cheaper in the UK? Or was I just imagining things...


  10. Dress me. And then take me with you to Iceland. And then we can get married.

  11. I just went to Stonehenge last week. Amazing! I loved it!! Seeing your pic made me realize I did not get a great photo of me and my husband ~ now I need to go back. Lol! Love the boots!

  12. I find things so much more expensive over here. I'm always buying boots when I'm home in the states and my mom thinks I'm crazy :)

  13. two rats making love in a wool sock... I can't. I just can't stop laughing. I burst out in my Professional Responsibility class and had to turn it into a coughing fit. Lord almighty! So sad I wasn't back in Dallas to get to your blogger get together! Wish I could have made it!

  14. ALL of the picks! Nice to see that there are other expats that play the "buy it here or buy it there?" game. Being in France we've found that sometimes the same exact item will be a considerably different price if you go on amazon UK or amazon FR, so it's become a bit of a game to us. (Same goes for ASOS!) And I definitely make similar wishlists to your above before every trip back stateside...and maybe come back home with one thing - ha!

  15. i love the scroll option! fall is my favorite season here in DC. it's still really muggy and hot so i'm itching to put on my booties and blazers. i wouldn't mind adding that wildfox sweater to my wardrobe :)


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