Don't forget-
tonight's the 

We will be meeting 
from 6-8:30
at one of my favorite restaurants
(in the entire world),

My favorite: Marshmallow Soup with "marshmallows" made of goats cheese. Mmm...

It's gonna be 
Beth Dotolo of Pulp Designs
and myself relaxing 
with some ridiculously good souffles
with nice people around us.

So, if you think you're a nice person, too...
we want you there!

There are a few spots still available
(three to be exact),
so if you'd like to join us
email me at
so I can get you on the list.

Whether you blog, read blogs,
follow along on Instagram or whatever...
you're invited!


  1. Ugh why do I have to be in Arkansas :( have such a wonderful night :)

  2. that marshmallow soup sounds heavenly! I love me some goat cheese. :) if I'm ever in Dallas now I know where I need to go!

  3. Wish I could come! I 'm just a bit too far south:(

  4. Ooh, please organise a London version when you're back!

  5. I second that! Would love to attend a London soiree! Plus its pretty much gauranteed you'll pick an awesome venue.


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