It's All Good... All of it.

Luckily, with Amazon-
most things in the world
are accessible in England.

There are exceptions
like tex-mex & cheap dry cleaning...

But for the most part, 
we have all we need & want
at our doorsteps/fingertips.

However, there are few goodies
that I have picked up 
during our trip back this time.

Between birthdays & COSTCO runs,
our bags are getting a bit heavier
for the return.

Some of the highlights...

It's All Good

I know you all know about my best bud, the D.O.C. ("Katie Bug")
but my other gal pal is a girl you may know as Gwyneth.
(We just call each other "bosom friend.")

She just wrote a new cookbook
and after seeing Liz instagram some new recipes
I bit the bullet and paid $17 for it at Costco.

I love it.
The recipes are fresh and simple. 
Go getcha one.

Missoni Hand Towels

They are the cheapest way I can make my bathroom
not look like a college (shared) bathroom.
They're $25 which is a bit pricey,
but not terrible.

A worthy splurge
at a Dallas boutique, Nest.

Or you can find similar ones here at One Kings Lane.

Lululemon Yoga Pants


I once, not too long ago, mocked girls 
who ran errands in work out clothes
with perfect hair and other tell-tale signs
of having not actually working out.

Until I tried these on
and saw my butt in the mirror.

Two days later, it was the #1 item on my birthday wishlist.

I may have turned a year older,
but my hiney just returned to my freshman year of college.

Fist pump.

Bodum Assam Teapot

I've been wanting one of these pretties for a long time.

Three cheers for my in-laws for picking up on the subtle hint
(of me posting about it on the blog!)
and snagging me one for my birthday.

I love it!

Lanvin Ballet Flats
(via ebay)

I wear flats most days 
walking around town.

The pairs I wear the most cost me £3 at Primark
and are slick as a... fish (?)
when it rains.
So, basically, every day
I'm hydroplaning and freaking myself out.

Also, my feet ache from having no arch support.

(Weird that £3 won't get you traction or well-constructed shoes, I know.)

So I splurged (kinda) and bought a pair of Lanvin flats on EBay.

They were $150
and I'm already considering this an investment
towards the bionic feet replacements
that were headed my way
with my current footwear + walking combination.

If ebay scares you and you have a 9+ size foot,
there are some cute gold ones  41's on sale at BG for half price!
And they are also some 36.5 for you tiny footed friends!

* * *

So that's what made my birthday wishlist
and is headed back to London
with us when we go back in a couple of weeks.


  1. Happy Birthday. Ok, my birthday is coming up later this month- I think you've convinced me I need to ask for some Lululemon pants. I don't really understand what makes them different from any other yoga pant, but maybe I will bite the bullet and give them a try!

  2. Lululemon pants work wonders. There was a news story a while back about a style of Lulu Lemon pants being recalled for being see-through. Men everywhere wept. :) I think you might have just convinced me to get some Missoni hand towels.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Lululemon's are my favorite - the good news is that they last forever too, so you won't always have to be shelling out the big bucks (or a wishlist spot) for them all the time!

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm jealous of your fab gifts. I've been wanting some Lululemon pants for a while but hesitant to shell out almost $100 for a pair. my birthday is next month so i think this is a great time to add them to my list :)

  5. that's exactly the teapot we got from our wedding registry! I'm excited to use it :)

    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!

  6. Did I just miss your birthday?! Happy happy birthday to you gorgeous lady. Hope the year ahead is a marvellous one xx

  7. Oh my God, Lauren!
    I'm loving everything!!!
    I would like to buy both Gwyneth's cookboks!But I didn't know if her recipes were I can buy this one!!
    Thank you!!!

  8. Ah! I NEED a pair of lululemon pants... I always forget to actually purchase a pair when I'm home. This year is the year though... I'm going to set a reminder in my phone ;)


  9. Happy, happy birthday! And great gifts, too.
    PS: love the Lanvin flats; so comfy and last forever. MK

  10. Happy Birthday, fellow Leo birthday lady! I love your Lanvin flats and Missoni towels.


  11. I really want that Gwyneth cookbook but I've been restraining myself as apparently all the ingredients she uses cost a fortune...I'm still tempted to get it though! The Lanvin flats looks great favourite bargain was a Lanvin dress I got for £15 in a charity shop in London! I totally know what you mean about bringing things back from America...I'm British but my husband is half American so when we've been over there we always have to take a large extra bag so we've got room for all the lovely American purchases...xx

  12. Lululemon is pure MAGIC. I put some of their cropped pants on for a long flight a couple weeks ago, and my boyfriend declared that he is their biggest fan. Great product, I tell ya.

  13. From my days living in London, there was a pretttty decent Tex Mex place on Bayswater walking East past the Kensington Gardens Entrance, before you hit Notthing Hill Arts Club.

    Maria, our waitress, made a MEAN frozen margarita back in the day


  14. i remember balking at the price of lululemon but i soon became a convert when i realized they ARE AMAZING.

  15. Love the 'D.O.C.' - definitely going to start utilizing that abbreviation. And my girlfriends swear by lululemon, I'm avoiding them at all costs, because i know once i try on a pair I will fall in love and have to have it all. SIGH

    Hope your birthday was lovely, and enjoy the rest of your time with family!

  16. its so dangerous being back in lululemon territory. especially in a city where its totally acceptable to where them all day everyday (obvi with perfect hair and makeup) only have 1 pair is not cutting it $$$

  17. I might just have to get that cookbook! I love those towels... totally jealous!

  18. Lulu - a proud Canadian company! I bought my first pair 10 years ago (YIKES) and still wear them to this day. If washed on cold (without cotton - that is so important) and hang dried, they'll last FOREVER!

  19. i kind of really want some lanvin flats now!


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