Dauphine Friendly

is so good.

I watch it over and over...
hoping that the ending changes.

Hoping that she escapes to Switzerland,
but alas-
 Sofia Coppola can only make so much magic.

History had already written the ending.


Oh, and speaking of Ms. Sofia Coppola
{who directed Marie Antoinette}...

At a party this weekend,
my snazzy friend Lauren
brought these cuties-
Sofia Coppola Blanc de Blancs.


Tiny cans of champagne that have tiny straws to sip through.

I mean, seriously. How pretty is that?

Buy the prestine pack of four,
and become the grand dame
of any place you are headed!

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  1. I've never seen it, but I love me some Dunst!


  2. I'm right with you on loving that movie! Such great eye candy!! And I want to find out where I can get those cute little champagne cans!

    Good luck with the big move today!

  3. Me too. Love that film. And I'm stocking up on those purty champ cans this weekend!

  4. Oh, I just watched it (again) last week. Kirsten Dunst is the best.

  5. I love love love that movie! The first time I watched it I was enchanted sooo much! I didn't know Sofia Coppola did the film though...I guess I might have forgotten that!


  6. I've never seen this movie...bad? I have always loved the packaging of those drinks.

  7. i love the packaging of those little champagne cans! i will definitely have to go get some just to try...and maybe rent marie antoinette?!

  8. Love the movie and Sophia's little pink champagnes!!!! Happiness all around...oh, except for MA's ultimate fate.

  9. I so wanted a different ending too! But like you said, history is history and she couldn't really go ahead and rewrite it now....

    And those are so adorable! Did you drink them? Are they any good?

  10. Okay I have yet to see this movie! Now I am putting in on my netflix list.
    I wish you the best on the move this week! I can't wait to hear about England!!

  11. Your blog is absolutely darling! I love the design aesthetic. I'm also a fellow lover of the Marie Antoinette movie - the costuming is phenomenal. Reminds me of the Costume History & Design classes I took in school! ~ Annie @ http://www.achiccritique.com

  12. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! Mostly because of the eye candy. I just want to escape to the beautiful world Sophia Coppola creates! AND i love her champagne! I haven't seen those cute little cans and I must find them! You must read the biography the movie is based on, it's amazing!

  13. Champagne cans with straws?! Um, Sophia can do no wrong, this is amazing!

  14. I adore that film AND Ms. Coppola (and her daddy and extended famous family) Have looked high and low for these chic champagne cans...can not find them anywhere...quite jealous!

  15. Adorable blog.... I love that movie too!

  16. I love this film! I did a post with all kinds of photos from the movie a while back. It's just so beautiful!

    And the champagne is absolutely darling! How feminine :)

  17. One of my fave movies! It is visually stunning! Good luck on the move!

  18. I've probably watched this movie about 50x since I bought it on dvd (the day it was released) plus I had seen it in the theater 3 times. it's one of my top 5 favorite movies. Glad to have found you via PVE!

  19. Oh I love this movie so much, I don't even need the sound to be on! Also, hello, lucky you moving to England, I would hate you if I were really silly, ok, I kind of hate you...not really, ok, a little, no, not really...I am totally buying that traveling champagne as a gift, it is adorable.

  20. this is one of my fave movies....it makes my eyes happy :)

  21. oh my gosh those little champagnes are PERFECT!

  22. thank you for finding me! Now I have found you! This is one of my favorite movies, such eye candy! I also love the Sofia cans with straws, my girlfriend always has them on hand for when guests come over. Such a cute party drink!


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