Good Fortune

I'm a bit of a smart alec.

Luckily, my husband isn't phased by this....
honestly, he never has been.

In fact, when were just friends,
I mentioned that he was so cliche-
he would be the type of guy 
that would propose in a fortune cookie.

He rolled his eyes and nodded,
but got me back a few months later ...

... when he proposed to me in a fortune cookie. 


{Our engagement... I still said yes!}

It served me right...
and assured me that he was the perfect guy for me.

Now to commemorate the event,
I get the last laugh.

This cute necklace by jeweler Sydney Evan is perfect.

Oh, and it costs $1100.
{Sorry, babe.}

It looks like fortune has a good sense of humor!


  1. What a cute necklace and just think of the story you'll be able to tell your children one day;)


  2. that is a cute engagement! i love hearing about how people have personalized their proposals :)

    heads up to your husband, i'm sure i've seen fortune cookie necklaces in uo (although they weren't so sparkly!)


  3. Perfect!

    Love that there was someone there to snap the moment for you.

  4. Hahahah that's fantastic! I just love that he proposed to you that way :)

  5. haha - cute story - and u BETTER get one of those necklaces! - it's PERFECT for you!!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~
    Enter Give-Away Here: ~TiptoeButterfly Give-Away~

  6. This is great. I think I'm learning a lesson or two from you about marriage. ;)

  7. Maybe you can gold leaf a real one, and string it on a silk cord?
    The money you saved could be saved for a rainy day or for perhaps more fortune cookies.

  8. That's my kinda fella. Love it!

  9. What a nice story! That was original, you have to give credit for that! :) I totally want that necklace now though.

  10. What a clever post! Thanks for stopping by my blog today...I'm totally flattered! I've only discovered you a bit ago, but you're at the top of my list already. I am in Dallas...or Plano really. Oh, and one of mine and my husband's top 5 meals was an Indian restaurant in London!!

    xo, cass (go horned frogs)

  11. hey thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment. :) loved this post. it made me smile when you said he proposed to you that way. I had a feeling that was coming.

    hope you have a great weekend!

  12. This is brilliant!! I love this story!! I've been "just friends" with my current bf for 10 years... although we've been dating now for almost 2. Would love to talk w/you about how it all changes. I'm a bit overwhelmed.


  13. like a true lady...everything comes back to the jewelry. well written friend- and such a cute engagement story!!

  14. Great story! I think that necklace should be a future anniversary gift and it absolutely has to come from him. You look like an adorable couple.
    Thanks for stopping by Monkey Grass Hill yesterday.


  15. I think that engagement bodes well for a happy future. And, one of the more creative proposals I've heard of.

    Have you seen the fortune cookie containers at Madison in HP Village? I think they'd make great favors at an Asian dinner.....or a darling anniversary gift from you!! xo

  16. adorable. what a sweet story, and a memory you'll cherish forever!
    love the necklace!

  17. Amazing! What a Great story! I hope you still have the fortune and the the fortune cooke! :)

    I have seen that necklace before and like it A LOT!

  18. So cute!!!! I think that necklace is fabulous!!


  19. Oh that's brilliant. And I love how you illustrated this story.

    I just love the blog, period. I didn't know how to email you but that's so funny. Welcome to England! Do you know Jen yet? The Style Crusader? She's technically American (grew up all over the place), married to the perfect man, and they live in Oxford. (They're both 25).

    Hope to hear from you again - join our little virtual yet real community. I love your blog - taking a look around now, before I make dinner for my husband. Well in this instance, heat up pizza. ; ) x


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