A Foggy Day....

The mister & I are
 headed to London tonight
to see our friend,

Mr. Michael Buble ...

and I'm slightly freaking out 
with excitement!


I have always felt that between his ridiculously charming voice
and my ability to throw pretty amazing parties...

  that we'd have some big potential together
 in creating some really epic evenings...

he just hasn't met me yet.

Oh man, I love all of his music,
but I think these days I'm digging

What about you?
What's your favorite song by the cutie crooner?


  1. Love him! I saw him a couple of years ago and he puts on a great show. He was so generous too and told people to go ahead and take out their cameras and get a few shots if they wanted. He even ran up and down the aisles so we could get a better picture.

    Have a great time.

  2. aww, enjoy your concert! i never really got in to him for some reason, maybe i should check him out!

  3. So exciting! Hope you had a great time. Can't wait to hear how it was. xoxo

  4. I love Michael Buble so much! His voice and his music is simply incredible. I'm definitely proud to know that he's Canadian!
    My favourite Buble song is Everything, though I think every song is very well done. Have you checked out his newest music video yet? He even does a Justin Bieber impersonation.

  5. Could you please ask him to sing at my daughter's wedding. She is only 11 but it is good to plan early!! We love Michael.....littlle jealous here....
    We are listening to him NOW!!!! How funny!

  6. Love love love Michael Buble! How could I possibly choose just one favorite! He is such a charmer on the stage. Have a fabulous day!


  7. hands down - best concert ever!!! he is amazing and my hubby and i both are obsessed. such a good entertainer and his voice is incredible. have fun!!!

  8. I saw him back in July. Amazing one of the best concerts I have ever been too and I have seen quite a few classics in my day. My favorites are his version of Feeling Good, Moondance, and of course I love Home and Everything. Have tons of fun tonight.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  9. i am so jealous and envious and aaahhhh. on rainy days i play out my pretend wedding with him. lost is my favorite song by him, its just beautiful.
    i love all his classic rendition, and feeling good has such a great video and everything.
    have a great time, muah.

  10. oh you do make me giggle, Lauren! I'm hugely jealous that you are off to see Mr.Buble - enjoy it and let us know how it goes.

    P.S. I hope you've been watching the X factor!

  11. oooh I'm with Will, HUGELY jealous!!! Enjoy it gorgeous!!!

  12. no Buble? yikes! the tube sucks, just now I was thinking how to get to work tomorrow, thankfully Im not that far!
    ps: Email me! my mum is here next weekend but after that im free!! xoxo


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