Busting my... Buble.

So as I might have mentioned earlier
{like 6 hours ago-ish}
we were going to see Michael Buble tonight.

yes, "were going to see..."

Until the tube strike
blew all the routes we could take,
and forced us to: 
Plan B.

Plan B 
ended up being 
 some mini bottles of wine,
and sitting by the river for a few hours together...

Not such an unfortunate turn of events!

Then we headed on to dinner
where our drinks were comp'd by the manager
 had dessert & coffee sent our way
by our "new friends" from the next table.

So yeah,
 basically the perfect alternative to an evening with Mr. Buble.

We'll be catching ya next time, MB....


  1. Wow that is an excellent replacement night for the Buble concert. I'm sorry that you don't get to see your amazing show, however you are taking the news in good spirits!

  2. awe sad you couldn't get to the concert! but it looks like you had a fulfilling night anyhow :)

  3. Indeed there is a silver lining~
    Glad you made the best of the burst Buble!

  4. You are handling this with all the grace of an aspiring Kennedy.

  5. A fabulous way to turn around an unfortunate event. Looks like great fun!


  6. Sorry you missed your concert but it seems like you had a wonderful night all the same--it really is all about who you're with not what you're doing!

  7. aw still sounds like a good night overall. glad it still turned out okay. :)

  8. When I started reading I was all "I bet she pitched a fit, I woulda" then I was all "Awww, how fun!" Glad it all worked out for y'all!

    Amazing how sometimes that happens, right?

  9. Aww sounds good!

    You can find me at
    I hope to see you soon!

  10. Thank goodness for little bottles of wine! :)

  11. awwwww so sorry to hear you missed MB, but hey, you made the best of the situation!

  12. Bummer! I would love to go to his concert! I've heard he puts on a good one. I love your pics. Did you use the shakeit app?

  13. What is that jacket on Tyler's body. Loving it

  14. Bummer!!! Glad you made the best of it anyway :)

  15. I'm a huge fan of Mr. Buble, myself! So sorry you missed him this time. But, you really know how to rock a Plan B!!!!

  16. The universe conspired to deliver a wonderful alternative. Sorry you missed the concert, but I think you had fun nonetheless.

  17. You guys are cute and I love that Tyler is sporting and Oh-So-London Plaid Trench Coat.

    P.S. Did you chop your hair? It looks short in the photos.

    P.P.S. I look forward to when updates on your hair won't be only seen through your blog.

  18. what a positive way to look at it. What a sweet evening.

    Darn the strikers! ;)
    I have gotten to see the Buble in concert and hoping you get to see him soon!


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