Bollywood Dreams

We have to hand it to the Brits.

They've introduced us to many good things:

sparkling water, jet engines, stainless steel, rubber bands, Hugh Grant....

So, it comes at no surprise that upon moving here, 
England has enlightened me to another amazing find-

Indian Food

Oh, I love Indian food now.

Thank you, England, for the introduction.

In fact, tonight,
I even tried my hand at this Real Simple recipe
for chicken curry...


...and it was pretty tasty.

So in honor of my Eastern-korma-making-friends,
here are some Indian inspirations that are on my mind:

Darjeeling Teapot
by Jonathan Adler

Two's Company Ceramic Stool.

And, of course...

Mindy Kaling

{who's techincally Indian-American,  but ever since the Diwali episode on The Office... }


Mindy is another one of my imaginary best friends.

We just have so much in common.

If we were friends, I bet 
We would love to go get fro-yo together, laugh and watch old movies,
and constantly text hilarious daily happening to each other.

MK: This scraggly lady in the other dressing room next to me at Barney's just totally farted.
AK: Ah. No way. You should just whisper- "I'll never tell...." haha.

Anyway, you get the idea.
Just normal girl talk.


But seriously- she's super cute.
I love her toothless little smile.

But back to the main point:

Do you guys like Indian food? 

Tell me what all I need to try to become a pro!


  1. not a fan unfortunately, but I see the appeal :)

  2. I love Indian food. I can't wait to try that recipe!

  3. i am indian, so yes i love indian food. i love food. unless its seafood.
    this was a very fun post! i think somehow I have managed to watch around three episodes in my life of the office, but i watched the one with the ping pong match. and you're right...she's pretty funny.

  4. the key is the spice garam masala- delish! this is my favorite indian recipe that i make weekly. i substitute the tofo for chicken. i think lamb might be nice too but i've never tried it.

  5. Yes, we had Indian food for our anniversary. My neighbors are Indian and they showed me how to make the best Chicken Curry ! They have given me some spices - the key is "butter" - and spices!
    I love the idea of having imaginary friends.

  6. When I was in London earlier this year, I totally noticed there were 3 Indian restaurants on every street. My boyfriend is an Indian food fanatic, so he had to eat at practically every one.

    I'm not really a fan- the texture is too different for me!

  7. I LOVE INDIAN FOOD!!!!! My bestie is Indian so I have grown up eating her dad's AMAZING food! I might have to have Indian food tonight!!!

  8. you have to try the kourma....any kind! peas, mushrooms, cheese, it's all delish! i could totally kick myself because on my second trip to london a few years back, i actually stayed on brick lane and didn't even try the food! i didn't learn how much i loved it until after i got home.....poo! jealous of your adventures! xoxo

  9. i've honestly never tried it. Now I just might have to!

  10. OMG ALAS! Indian food is the best and even better in London than in the US!

    Try Chicken Saag... its a spinach/curry puree and is healthier than chicken tikka masala but still DELICIOUS.

    Bon Appetit!


  11. Jake and I eat Indian about once a week. I make basmati rice with Korma Curry and chicken which is amazing! Or the tikka masala is great too...Then just add green, yellow, and red peppers. Sooo good.

  12. I love Indian food. My hubby is not a fan, so I get my quick fix from Trader Joe's. Microwavable packages of lentils and chickpeas and eggplant. I combine that with the frozen brown rice or frozen naan bread and it's a fast land satisfying lunch.

    I would love to learn how to cook it myself.


  13. hilarious.. i love imaginary friendships... i've been striking up quite a few lately


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