Alluring Kennedy: George Clooney

Oh sir...

 have you come a long way
since the Facts Of Life

You matured like a fine wine before our eyes....


and took up residence in this sacred place... Lake Como, Italy

and have turned girls to women. 

Yes, I do want to go to there

*Contributing writer, Laura, is a co-creator of Something Legit: the consulting business that turns boys into men via a better wardrobe. Check out her handiwork & blog . 


  1. he is haaaandsome :) :) he is a spokesperson for watches here...perfect!

  2. oh, George..have to admit not really my type...but I bet he is drop dead charming in persona! hehe

    Giveaway over my place if u like...


    lovely blog..following!


  3. aaah George, can i have a Nespresso please? :P Gorge!!
    PS: pick a day and we'll go, make it happen :) and ps 2: laduree all the way oh yes, btw there are 2 shops in London too! we can go xoxo

  4. Please, just kill me now. George Clooney, mmmmmm. What is it about him? I like to think it's the hair. Then I like to think it's the smirk like in the second photo.

    Whatever it is, George has every appealing feature all rolled up into one gorgeous package.

    Thank you for this amazing post, Laura!!


  5. God he's gorgeous! :)

    Aged perfectly well!

  6. He is an example of a man....who became a MAAAANNNN! Better with age, without a doubt. And, yes...Lake Como is so on the dream list!

  7. Aaaaahhhhh thanks for this post! george clooney is better than being told i could eat all the chocolate in the world and not gain weight.
    the first picture -i think i fainted momentarily. <3<3
    i think there is a quote from sex and the city, "george clooney is like a chanel suit, he never gets old".

  8. Yum. That was a nice start for my friday, thank you!

    xo, cassie

  9. I adore George Clooney and must admit I've had a crush on him since I was about 12 and he was on "Sisters."

  10. i had a male model friend (yes he is HOT)from LA that was in the nespresso commercial with mr. clooney. that's the closest i ever got to the guy:) HA!

  11. i saw him in person at a red carpet appearance one summer when i was in LA (it was for the perfect storm)! he is handsome!!

  12. you've got to go! you can take a lake tour that takes you right by his home. loooove george and lake como

  13. oh, how i do love me some mr. clooney!! :)

  14. oh my gosh love it..."you matured like a fine wine before our eyes"
    he he!!

  15. I know, sigh. dad looks startlingly like him, so I can't find him sexy, it creeps me out.


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