Aspring Kennedy: Foreign Relations Statement

I've been keeping a secret for a while,
but now it's official:

Mr. & Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy
are moving to Oxford, England
and a lot of adventure!

We are stateside until the end of the summer,
but stay tuned for the adventures to come
as we make the leap across the pond!

Are there any bloggers out there that are in the UK?
Any US friends have any particularly great recommendations?
Send them my way!


  1. Congratulations! That's going to be an amazing adventure. I do hope you take us all with you via the blog ; )

  2. Congratulations! Such an exciting adventure...can't wait to read all about it!

  3. how exciting!! it will be great if you continue blogging so we can see england through your eyes:)

  4. i'm jealous, and sad, and think that this is a horrible idea!! except, that it's pretty awesome and I'm excited for you and T-bone! I'll miss you!!

  5. How exciting! I think everyone else has pretty much said what I wanted to. So, congrats, be careful, and have fun!

  6. How fabulous! Lived in London many moons ago whilst in law school! You will have the time of your life!

  7. wow! that's very exciting. what adventures you will have. thanks for your comments!

    Heather @

  8. Super exciting! Never been to Oxford so I'm looking forward to hearing more! The UK is so great though, and I know you will - but make sure you get up to Scotland. I may be biased with a Scotsman hubby to be but it's just beautiful!!

  9. You'll be just down the road from me. I know Oxford very well - and the University and I have history - let me know if you need any guidance when you arrive. You probably know all this, but make sure you swot up on all the lingo before you go (subfusc etc).


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