Jessie Spano version 2.0

It came.
It saw.
It conquered the box office.

With it's cinematic return
the question,
"Which SATC girl are you?"
keeps arising in conversations.

You know what I've learned?

Most girls claim the whimsical-yet-grounded Carrie.

Some girls find Charlotte's values endearing.

And some girls love Samantha's... unruly nature.
{is that what we would call it?}

But I have yet to hear anyone claim Miranda.
Oh, Miranda.

I fear you've
of Sex & The City.

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  1. Well, it's been established who I am... ahem... Samantha. minus the skank.

  2. I just laughed out very loud thanks to the title. That made my morning.

    "Im so excited, I'm so excited,.....I'm so scared"

  3. hahaha...i have a friend who calls herself Carrie and then says I'm Charlotte and our other two friends get the other two (blonde is Samantha and redhead is Miranda). so silly:)

  4. Although I have yet to see SATC2, I still stand my ground that I am an equal part Miranda and Charlotte. More people should embrace their Miranda-ness ;)

    Love the blog and the design!! Gorgeous.

  5. I love how quick witted and outspokenly honest Miranda is...I only wish I could come up with some of her clever responses in an instant...sadly I am one of those "I should have said this" girls LOL :)

    However, in the real world, when you are as clever and outspokenly honest as Miranda is, it is rare to find even one female that adores you much less three :)

  6. lmao
    'i'm so excited, i'm so scared, hold me zack'

    it never gets old. LOVE IT.

  7. Jessie Spano! lmao

    I think Miranda is pretty great, probably one of the more "normal" of the girls. I think I'm a mix of Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte.

  8. hahah so funny!! I think she looks great in the films and the last 2 season to be honest, professional, smart! yay for Miranda!!

  9. i'd like to think i'm carrie but i don't know. :)

  10. Oh, that's SOO funny!! And sooo true ... ;)

  11. You're too cute! I definitely have a lot of respect for Miranda. She seems real : )

  12. Hilarious!!! (and really true.)
    And, I am 100% Charlotte!

  13. My mom claims she's a Miranda - red hair and all! I'm least like Carrie actually.


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