One Hundred Percent!

There are 100 hundred pennies in a dollar.

There are 100 degrees of heat today in Texas.

There are 100 reasons to love Hugh Grant.
(dont judge me...)

And most importantly,

There are 100 posts on
Aspiring Kennedy!

I feel the urge to celebrate.

Thanks for being a part of the
beginning of my journey into blogging!

I so love getting to
be a small part of your world...


  1. Well hello fellow Texan! :) So glad you found me in this crazy blogging world. I adore the clean and classic vibe your blog has. Simply beautiful. Thank you so much for stopping by. Looking forward to following you!

    Have a fabulous weekend and try to stay cool!


    PS Congrats on reaching 100!! That is one yummy looking cupcake! :)

  2. Congrats on your first 100 & thanks for stoppin by my (itsy bitsy teeny tiny little) blog. Here's to hoping I can get to 100 too : D

  3. hi Lauren! like the above two, it was nice to see your comments on my blog:) and i'm jealous about your twilight party...i wish i could come too!

    what a pretty blog you have. you have a lot of talent with this!

    hope your weekend is good. xo, Alicia

  4. Congratulations darling! I'm loving your blog... keep it coming : )

  5. love your blog page design!! congrats on your posts. I am so grateful for the blogging world and all the inspiration it gives. Looking forward to staying tuned to AK....

  6. congrats sweetie! Great job...I love your blog :)

    Have a fabulous weekend!


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