So Splendid & So Patriotic

Do you read Hello Splendor?
Oh, you really should.

Beth Dotolo does such a great job pulling together
a great modern community of bloggers.

I loved getting to talk about my plans

mainly because

Though my plans are for Palm Beach this year,
I typically always celebrate this amazing holiday
in the same ways.

Making desserts that are red, white, or blue.
{baked goods are part of my patriotic duty}

Driving out to the country to shoot fireworks
{and laying around on the grass to watch the stars
when the fireworks are gone and laughing for hours}

And what would this Aspirational Kennedy's
Indpendence Day
be without a boat ride around the cape?

What are your plans for this July 4th?

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  1. I will be at the Cape...Cape Cod that is! :)

  2. I will be having fun at the huge block party that my street has, going to the town forth of july parade, and then I will be trying to be just like the Kennedy's with their style and elegance, which reminds me...have you read the book "What Would Jackie Do?"

  3. Hello from your favorite cousin. Ok...I'll take the title of "one of your top 40 cousins." How's that? :) Our 4th of July celebrations have changed over the past several years. It used to be that Mark would try to get a hand blown off with the biggest fireworks he could buy at the local stands. Now, it is watching the little cars, chickens, worms, poppers, parachuters, etc. that the kids set off and watching the joy (mingled with fear and awe) as each color lights up the sky. There are no more bottle rockets or mortars at our parties...just the kid stuff. We miss the reckless days, but love to explore the fun of pyrotechnics with our kiddos.

    There is always a bit of red, white, and blue baking in my day, as well. I love to bake and will take any opportunity to do so.

  4. dang! was it yesterday? going over to check it out sweetie! cant believe I missed it, was so bad I didnt even opened my laptop :(

  5. i'm excited for a fourth of july bbq and a red, white and blue desert too! ;) oh and of course, watching the fire works in the back of my boyfriends truck.

  6. Oh, The Cape will be so crowded this weekend...well, I guess it is every summer weekend! I live on a lake and the summer people are all here, and I cant say I exactly enjoy the crowds! :)
    I make a red, white and blue trifle for th 4th!

  7. Oh I can't wait! We will be partying it up on the boat and at the beach :P

  8. I will be like your JFK pic... on the lake! I love the blog!!

  9. Can I just say, I LOVE your blog! I love your blog title, I am just a little bit obsessed with the Kennedys, fabulous! I'm so happy you stopped by LBD so I could find you, happy to be your newest follower! XO!

  10. Hi, Lauren! I found your blog over at Trish's. I'm so happy happy I did!

    I love that photo of the Kennedy's on the boat! Very fitting for a July 4th post! My family and I are going to a bbq/pool party this weekend. It should be fun! Hope you're having a great day, lady! Can't wait to read more of your blog! xoxo

  11. So excited!!! I'll be heading to Bermuda on Sat until next Wednesday! Get me on that plane stat! :)

  12. We were invited to a 3rd of July party! LOL. Whatever we do it will probably be low-key. I will for sure be trying one of these tempting red, white and blue drinks!

  13. sounds like fun!

    sadly...i have no plans. everyone i know is going out of town and the boy works. boo.

    but i will watch fireworks. that's for sure.

  14. How have I missed your blog? It is so fabulous! I love your post on Hello Splendour! Guest posting there soon.
    Have a wonderful week and thanks for entering the giveaway!!

  15. i'm going to watch the fire works at the beach... love them over there every year!

  16. Have fun in Palm Beach and Happy 4th!

  17. sounds like a lovely 4th....especially the white wine...i heart white wine :).

    happy weekend!


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