Willy, Charlie, & the rest of the gang...

Willy Wonka kind of scared me as a kid.
Well, Gene Wilder actually scared me.

I had such separate feelings towards the movie & the book.

The book was magical.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
by Roald Dahl

He was the author of my imagination as a child.

...Danny Champion of the World, Matilda, James & the Giant Peach, The BFG....

I loved his ability to talk to children, explore their dreams, and see adults through their eyes.

The illustrations are so endearing to me-
and something about their quirkiness
assures me that my kids will
undoubtedly have some pieces of this artwork in their nursery...

Did anyone else grow up enchanted by Miss Honey, Danny, or the BFG?

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  1. My grandmother was a school teacher and we loved Ronald Dahl especially Matilda. That was the greatest, I can still sit down and read that book or watch that movie today. I love it!

  2. Ronald Dahl! YES! What a great tribute to this amazingly creative genius! Loved the movie too, even if it did scare me as well, it was a good kind of scared! All the grandparents in Charlie's bed freaked me out, and still do, and Augustus Gloop too!

  3. I love that tribute...Such a great post:)
    Kisses darling and enjoy your Tuesday:)

  4. I can quote Matilda like its my job. The Witches is also another favorite.

  5. I loved those movies when I was young too! I actually still love them. :)


  6. I LOVED his books too as a child. My favourite though was definitely Matilda!

  7. i loved reading Roal Dahl while growing up...esp The wonderful story of Henry Sugar.

    just came across your blog and i have to say i LOVE it. please come check out mine too when you have some time. maybe we can follow each other. =)



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