E + G... and me

Oh, look...

it's my two best friends,
Emma & Gwyneth,
having a laugh at the Burberry Fashion show...

This must have been when I slipped away for a moment
to go find the restroom.

I really love Gwyneth Paltrow.
She's gorgeous.

And I really, really love Emma Watson.
She. is. precious!

In honor of the debut of
the trailer for
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows...

...enjoy this new video that also just came out
where she stars in her boyfriend's music video.

Just ignore the face-lick-in-times-square-moment.
At the moment,
I'm not sure how to process that.


  1. Love them both too!
    PS: Check out my blog for an award!

  2. A face lick in time square!?? UGH ha that is way too much pda, but I will say this, Emma is cute I can't believe she has all of that fame from Harry Potter, and she went to College to get a degree. Amazing.


  3. ha! darn restroom breaks ;-)

  4. They are both so chic and beautiful, and I love that they're so low-key. XO!

  5. Love both of them!
    I also love Emma Watson, she's pretty amazing!

  6. It's funny you posted about GP, because I just watched an old movie of hers. She is amazing! I think she is stunning.

    xo Marcie

  7. ahahaha! loved your ahem! those girls are gorgeous.

  8. haha! oh i wish they were my girlfriends too! :)

  9. Ditto on all said. E & G both seem to take being celebs very gracefully. The face lick thing was super weird...kids these days ;)

  10. oh, I was there too!! how could we have missed each other?! I was sitting next to G holding her drink for her. love that photo.

  11. I know a lot of people hate on Gwyneth but I like her and Emma has grown up to be all gorge and stylish.

  12. that golden top is gorgeous!

    i love Gwenyth and her movies too!


  13. Hahaha ahem! Emma's sweet. Is he the Burberry model?


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