Brave New World

I am moving 
to another continent
in 16 days, 
and I have:

                                             * no visas or passports back from the consulate
                                             * 2 cars to sell
                                             * no word back from our student loans
                                             * 3 million friends to say see before we leave
                                             * a bank account that gets smaller every day.

I want to hide just thinking about it all.

I have no doubt it will all come together-
{like things always have a way of doing...}
but in the meantime,
I'm in need of a mental pep rally
to remind myself that all this work is worth it.

This is when I start dreaming of...


Have you ever tried this stuff?
It is so yummy!

Rhubarb is everywhere in England.

I can bake tarts, cakes, pies...

{I bet Pioneer Woman could throw down in the kitchen with some rhubarb.}

....Sweet glorious rhubarb...

Once I get all these hellish endeavors completed to England,
I can cook to my hears content with this local staple.

So as much of a fat kid reason as that may be,
it gives me a little jolt of motivation 
to sit through the horrific music on the other end of call waiting
with the British Consulate for another 45 minute
as I pathetically attempt to track down our passports.

*image source 1, 2, 3,  4, & 5


  1. did you say rhubarb? i adore it. (insert british accent)

  2. I'm loving your ode to rhubarb! Also, hang in there with all of the annoyances you're dealing with now!!

  3. Love rhubarb! That's amazing that you are moving to England! :)

  4. Rhubarb is absolutely delicious.

    Moves... especially one to England... are so draining. Hang in there!

    I, for one, am completely looking forward to hearing about your new adventures in one of my favorite countries.

  5. Good luck, Lauren. I know it will all come together. If I can do anything to help, please shout!

  6. Lauren, I know it will all work out. :)

    I had quite the ordeal before moving from Toronto down here to FL. It looked so daunting even days before and even scarier without having all of my appropriate paperwork upon driving to the border.

    My dad's lawyer told me I had a 99% chance that I wouldn't get to cross the border which was frightening considering I had just come back from my honeymoon with the intent of in fact living in FL with my hubby where our new home was. LOL.

    With all the 99% odds against me, by God's grace I made it through. Stay calm, have faith and it will work out. We were almost headed to England too this September. My hubby was debating between Oxford and NYU for his Masters Degree. We're headed to NYC in just a few short weeks. Don't you just love new adventures?!

    Good luck, cannot wait to hear about your adventures in England! :)


  7. GET OVER HERE! So excited to have a buddy on this side of the world!

  8. rhubarb = HEAVEN!!!

    now you just need those PASSPORTS!


  9. This is such an adventure, and I think you are very brave! Yes, everything will certainly work out...
    I really hope you can continue with AK overseas : )

  10. Rhubarb is the bomb. Have you ever had a rhubarb/strawberry pie? Oh yeah. The combination of the two will kick your a*&.

    AND you will get everything done, just breathe and enjoy your time here before you hop the pond. Oh and tell Leila hi for me when you get there. :)

  11. first of all, so crazy you know the photographer behind those adorable photos. I just looked him up and added his credits:)

    Second, you are leaving the country in 16 days! so exciting! Yes it will all come together I am sure. Although I am sure I would be nail biting at this point...

    Last, added you to my sidebar so its easier to look you up when I want! he he:)

  12. OH HONEY. I can't wait for you to get here! Few things, have you tried selling your cars on We sold both of ours that way and made more that we expected on both. Next, you like Rhubarb, eh? I tried a Rhubarb cupcake the other day...not impressed. I'll wait for you to turn me on to the stuff...or I'll let you try ;)

  13. Don't worry, it IS all worth it. We narrowly escaped the ultimate visa-fail by receiving mine about 3 days before we left the states for France, and 6 months and 1 week later I can tell you that I am happier than I have ever been. Life as an expat ain't so bad...

    And rhubarb? Yes please.

    Beautiful blog by the way!
    Honey at


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