Fabulous Find

I saw these pillows on my friend Kelly's blog, Fabulous K.

Kelly is the coolest,

and only second to the design-savvy-diva 

{in regards to coolness}

 are these pillows by Tara Bernerd

Seriously, people.

 I want these very badly. 

But how can I, 
who am quite poorish at the moment, 
snag one of these when they are $265.00?

That price is slightly uncool.

I guess I will have to cuddle with my friend, FabK, in the meantime...


  1. The black and red option is blooming lovely! The price? Ouch!

  2. Ouch that is a little high, but they're fabulous! These are the days I wish I knew how to sew better than I do!

  3. You. Are. Totally. Awesome.

    Fab K heart Aspiring K. Like, lots.

    Thanks for the mention, friend!

  4. these are so cool!
    Oh and a very, very happy birthday to you for yesterday!
    Big kisses!

  5. Those are rocker cool!!!! What a find!

  6. I can't believe the prices for certain things! Have you tried Etsy? The pillows aren't exactly the same, but they have some cool Union Jack pillows:


  7. Lauren, what a lovely place this is!

    Those pillows are fabulous! I love adding a little bit of spunk to my home. But I am with you on the price... Maybe I will put my new rain boots in the sofa instead. Haha!

    And you lucky girl, are hopping over the pond. (I made a similar move 15 years ago - the other direction. Was supposed to stay for 2 years, and I am still here!).

    I am now a follower. You are fun.

    ox, Mon


  8. OMG how amazing are those! but quite ridiculously priced i think! you could make those glasses from old printed clothes and sew them onto plain pillow covers and save so many $$ =)



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