Heart on my sleeve.

Can I tell you all something pretty dark?

Something that I am not sure I have ever muttered aloud?

I am carrying the burden of this secret alone,
and it's time to make it known.

I know many of you might judge me,
discredit me,
and perhaps laugh, but...

I like heart-shaped diamonds.

the Anna Nicole Smith of jewelry.

Culture's most laughed at luxury.

I don't know why,
 but the girly side of me goes
gushy for them.

They just look... sweet.

I would love it if
Tyler bought me one.

And now I sit, 
awaiting your judgment.

Friend or faux pas?

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  1. if you love something then it is totally acceptable, regardless of what others think!


  2. I think they are fun and girly too :)

  3. I would never judge you, but...I'm not joining you on this one either- haha. They are sweet and girly, though, aren't they?

  4. i say you like what you like....for a reason! you are you and nobody else gets to be you. don't change or hide your preferences for fear of what others might think. maybe jackie would have worn a heart shaped diamond. maybe not. either way, keep on being you lady! xoxo

  5. I love heart shaped diamonds too! I love how they are so feminine, pretty and just make me think...love. (yes, completely cheesy, I know)

  6. Heart shaped anything is a win :)

  7. Hahaha, let's just say I wouldn't be spending a whole lotta dough on one . Maybe a heart shaped ring out of one of those machines for a $1 would work. No judgments though if Tyler comes home from work with one for you today.

  8. Hilarious.

    I remember my Mom having a heart shaped saphire that was my favorte ring of hers when I was a kiddy... then again, it was the 80's and a different time in fashion!

    I vote friend!

  9. he he! oh you make me laugh. I don't think that is something that needs to be secret;) I actually love those earrings. So feminine!

  10. That's amazing and awful all at the same time. We can still be friends though.

  11. friend....I will take any diamond really...who am I kidding!

  12. This is one bandwagon I just can't get on. I try to see the appeal, but I just...can't. I'm sorry!

  13. You're young, you can get by with it, so why not. Me, on the other hand, I'm a bit too, eh hem, mature (not old, never old!)for the heart shaped diamond.

  14. I am loving these responses. Ha! It seems like I am definitely in the minority on this one... but I love the honesty. I think we would all be friends in real life. :)

  15. My Mother-In-Law has a pair of heart shaped diamond stud earrings that I wore on my wedding day. They're very simple and a good size so they work for me. I think it's all about having the confidence to pull something off. If you love it, wear it!

  16. I have to say, I don't turn down diamonds! While this wouldn't be my pick, I do think they are awfully sparly and very girlie!

  17. When I was a teen, I was given a heart shaped cubic zirconia ring by my grandparents for my 14th bday. I liked it at that time. My tastes have changed though. My engagement ring is a princess cut and I adore cushion cut diamonds. :)

  18. Who am I to judge? There was a time that I loved pear shaped diamonds!

  19. I love this post. Your writing style is adorable! :]

  20. Hahaha you're too cute. My sister loves them too so I just have to love you even more now :)

  21. I gotta say I kinda like...espesh the ring. And your build up to the reveal was pretty spectacular!!

    Hey, I will email you about the bags, but there are several options ranging from $40 through $200 (and possibly some even lower)...something we've come up with for my readers, but for a limited time b/c her site goes live in September.

    Thanks for your interest. I really appreciate it and know she will too.


  22. Oh who cares what everyone else thinks as long as you like it!

    P.S. Your blog is ADORABLE.

  23. Hearts are definitely a favorite shape of mine - guilty as charged...I'm girly! But, what I love most of all is your wicked sense of humor. Keep bringing it! And, I hope Tyler buys you the ring of your dreams!

    xo Elizabeth

  24. Hey, what is style except what we like?
    My almost-about to be-sister in law (fiance of my fiance's brother) got a heart-shaped engagement ring. She loves it!
    Who cares? If you love it, love it fabulously, right?

    PS I think style is really about context, too. So as long as you look adorable, no one will be thinking, "OMG WHAT IS THAT?" No. Everyone will know you're a cute girl who likes heart-shaped diamonds :)

  25. If you love it, then there's no judgment.

    My great aunt always said that if you wear anything with aplomb, you will always be in style.

  26. Making fun of you right now. However, we both know you have more style in your pinky finger than I will ever have. Miss you and have fun in the UK.

  27. Heck, I need one to match the one I wear on my sleeve.

  28. Hilarious...and I could be convinced to wear those earrings! :)


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