How do you function?

I love blogger land.

It's so lovely here, isn't it?

I've connected with some great people
through my daily interactions here.

Each morning, I connect with the sweetest acquaintances 
from London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Dallas, Sydney,  Tampa...
{You name the place- and I bet there's a blogger I would like writing there!}

But here's the deal-
There's so much more to this Aspiring Kennedy outside this website...

... and I love learning more about you!

So on this Monday morning,
{when we would all rather be anywhere else in the world than our desks...}
I'm throwing out the 
slightly personal question:

What do you do?

I've been working with a great stationer doing sales & public relations
 since I graduated from college, 
and I just resigned to move to England with my husband
that is probably too good looking to be with me I adore.

So there. That's something personal about me.

And now it's your turn.

What's your role in the real world?


  1. i enjoyed this post. :)

    i work as an office assistant/coordinator to an Associate Dean at a college in the heart of Chicago. not my dream job, but a good job with a good people. i also love working with college students so we have a good time.

    however, i will be doing art, writing, blogging full time in the fall. looking forward to that soon enough!

    happy monday, friend. xo. :)

  2. Fun!

    My day job: I'm a licensed interior designer

    My side jobs: I'm a blogger, a marketing/social networking consultant for a cosmetics company, jewelry designer, account manager for my photographer husband, a mom, and a wife.

    My neck is getting a little sore from all these hats!!

  3. I'm a full time ex-pat and a part time sales girl at Anthropologie. Fun and fabuloso!

    See ya soon ;)

  4. love it:)

    I sell stationery online ( + I teach Pilates! I love what I do:) And I can't believe I'm lucky enough to say that!


  5. Moving to England?! ahh how exciting!

    My occupation: Graphic Designer and Accessory Designer

    My Favorite Job: Being a wife and mother....I can't wait till I can devote all my time to this completely:)

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Chief chef and bottle washer, artist and dog walker.
    Well - you get the idea, I am all things to all my people! :)

  7. My day job is a project manager for a tech company that produces digital magazines.

    My side job is a figure skating coach, and eventually I'd like to do that full time.


  8. I work at a media technology company in sales- Quite different from my fashion blog :)

  9. Such a great post idea! I have always wanted to learn more about my readers and other bloggers too.

    I spent several years working as an Account Executive for Telecom and Software companies and then launched out into something completely different. Today I run an Interior Design/ Home Staging business that I started 4 years ago. I'm also an Author and Speaker on a variety of topics, and love blogging. :)

  10. Among other much less important things, I'm your friend :).

    PR and Editing for a Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland.

    Looking forward to European adventures with you next year!

  11. i'm an art librarian at a southern university....but i'd love to be a full-time blogger/writer. also a huge fan of your blog! xoxo

  12. What a cute idea! I'm a cosmetic product developer. I've worked in the industry for 16 years for a bunch of different companies including Revlon, Bath & Body Works, Maybelline and right now I work for the company that designs all of the Abercrombie & Fitch fragrances. It's a fun job. I basically get to play with makeup all day :)

  13. I am a student at school, and I am looking for a job...pretty much ANYWHERE! :)

  14. Fun I am an ex lawyer, currently full time mom to three children (G:10, G: 8, B:4) hoping to branch out to some sort of a design related job by the time my little guy goes off to Kindergarten! :)(and blogger!)

  15. This is a great one! First - I bet your husband might think you're too good looking for him too. That's how we find each other, I think. Each feels so fortunate to have found the other. Love it!

    England? LUCKY! I live for rain gear!!

    And now. I'm an Executive Recruiter in "real life". Have been for many years. Keeps it interesting. Mixes my two passions: people + fashion. Okay and a third: gabbing.

    Big shocker I'm sure.


  16. My blog life is sooooo different from my work life.... that's exactly why I started blogging in the first place.... for a creative escape.

    In the real world, I'm a family doctor, and a wife, and a one-day-mom-to-be... but not just yet ; )


  17. This is my first foray into your blog and what a fun first post to see! I came by way of pve...

    I'm an art teacher and card designer...right now, for the summer, I'm puttign on art camps for kids.

    Best wishes for your England adventure, a dream move in my book! Jessica~

  18. What a fun idea!
    In the read world I'm an administrative assistant for my father's Construction Company, a part time interior design student, a wife, a sister and a daughter :) (but the order is always changing)

  19. Communications guru for the Engineering dept. at an aircraft company by day.

    Dabbler in all things home, kitchen, and crafts by night and weekend.

    Daughter of the King, wife, daughter, sister, and friend all the time (who can't wait to bash about London with you and Cristen for a bit in September!)

  20. Great post!

    I'm a civil engineer, I do a little bit of everything and live in a very 'mans' world.

    Through summer months, I'm a camper and a boater. I would die without my cowboys and cubs (my fiancee keeps trying to get me to the cardinals side) and I love to try anything once.

  21. Blogger land is lovely!

    As for my day job, I am a Sales and Marketing Coordinator for a management consulting firm. I am looking to change careers though - perhaps in the interior design world!

    And in my spare time, I write my blog and write for the upcoming online magazine Dabble...oh, and I'm a mom and wife!

  22. commercial real estate marketing! so adult!

    also make stationery
    (, but who doesn't?

    and blog. i love blogging. and blogs. and reading blogs. and blog friends.

  23. i'm a communications manager for a women's organization in dallas - i love doing something that is not only entertaining & challenging, but fulfilling at the end of the day!

    i also dabble in photography and sometimes tell people i'm a professional online shopper ;)

  24. This is such a fantastic post! Love the Bloggy Land.

    I work for a campaign and advocacy firm in Washington, DC. It is super interesting, always changing, and definitely a challenging career.

    I'm also passionate about fashion, art, design, and writing. Being able to read and share with you all is an outlet that I'm incredibly grateful for... so THANKS!

  25. so interesting to read everyone's answers! won't moving to england be fun? we just moved to switzerland because mark got a job here. so i'm on the job hunt. I had just graduated with a masters to practice therapy - but thats not happening here :(

  26. you know I cant wait to have you here!! xoxo

  27. What a great post! It's so fun reading about what everyone does. The cat mask is the perfect picture!

    What will you be doing in England?

    I'm a wife and mom. I spent my 20s doing sales and marketing for the foodservice industry. I wanted to get my hands "dirty" working for a greater cause so I called a farmer and now work part-time for a CSA farm in Phoenix AZ. I also have designed a few websites (but I really don't know what I'm doing ;))

    I can't wait to read about your time in England. :)

  28. Ok - I don't know if you're still reading these comments. I found your blog from Brooke Hall. Anyways...I am an Instructor of History and English at ACU's Study Abroad program in Oxford. I'm also the Junior Dean and so my hubby and I live-in with 30 something 19 year olds. I don't know if we'll ever meet, but I hope you love my city as much as I do. I've been here for 7 years. All the best, Jacque Morrison


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