Shake, Rattle, & Roll

Yesterday, I was privileged to 
throw a shower for one of
my dearest friends, Kellee...

The Baby Mama

Kellee is due in November with a sweet little girl,
and since we do everything together
(travel, eat dinner every night, text/email all day, etc.)...

I thought it only made sense to have a baby shower for her, too.

And I must say... 
the shower went exceedingly well.

The weather was ideal...

the decorations turned out amazing
{thank you, Tobin!}...

and even the cake that I made
 two times because the first one bombed
was really yummy
despite being on the verge of looking kinda homely.

The best part of the day
was watching such a good friend 
get completely showered in love & gifts...

the loot
by so many people who love her dearly.
{Like me. Who loves her guts. }

Lauren  & Kellee

The other best part...
was when the hostesses jumped in the pool after the shower.

Tobin & Jill... mid flight


  1. Wish you had planned my wedding shower, it looks so elegant. Mine was held on my cousin's deck and it was quite obvious that she had done no planning whatsoever. No decorations, the food was all from a warehouse store and there wasn't enough ice for drinks. (Wow, I sound like an ingrate!)

  2. Lovely shower! That last pic is so funny! :)

  3. hahaha - love the last pic! looks like a beautiful shower. well-done. :)

  4. Love these pics and it is obvious that you put time and thought into her shower-it's beautiful. :) Anyone who decorates with pale, pink peonies (my fav) gets an 'A' in my books. ;)

    Your cake turned out really great too! I would have been in that pool too!

  5. The fresh blooms are so pretty and the jumping in the pool pic is funny!

  6. What a gorgeous party! I'm sure your friend felt the love.


  7. Baby showers are the best; what a terrific friend you are!

  8. those flowers are so beautiful! the brits really should get into baby showers, they look really lovely (especially this one!)


  9. Looks like a fab party that was great fun too. Were those pink peonies - beautiful!

  10. thanks for such a wonderful and beautiful shower!! it was perfect! i loved everything about it and am so sad i missed them jumping in the pool! i can't believe you posted that picture of me with the cake - a little embarrassing but i love you anyway. i did cry a little when i read this because i only have two weeks left with you before you move...not a good situation for an overly emotional pregnant girl!

  11. The shower turned out beautifully! You did such a good job, she is so lucky! Love the shot of you guys jumping in the pool, and your home is simply gorgeous! XX! Oh, I never thought of watches from Target either, but this one is gorgeous! Really looks like the MK!

  12. That looks like an amazing shower... and all around wonderful time!

  13. you did a beautiful job. That cake is amazing! I am currently planning a shower for a friend. Details are the heart that goes into it:D

  14. Awww, you plan awesome showers!! :)

  15. the shower looks beautiful and perfectly girly! I'm sure Kellee is so thankful to have such a sweet and thoughtful friend, it looks like you made her feel very special!

  16. Lauren - what a beautiful party!!!! Every detail attended your pictures. Another talent you possess!!!

    xo Elizabeth

  17. Everything looks gorgeous Lauren! Happy belated birthday btw, just came back from my holidays and im catching up, I have to email you back too! xoxo

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  19. It looks so good! Love the cake.
    P.S. I think your pool misses me.

  20. What a lovely party! And the cake looks splendid :-)

  21. love the last pic. that cake looks good!

  22. That was so sweet! From your adorable friend, the cake and that last spontaneous just made my afternoon!!!

  23. Oh that looks amazing! You clearly did an incredible job!

  24. Hhaha, reminds me of my friends, what a special day to celebrate with yours, looks like a GREAT party! *Amy


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