Souvenir Stylings: Oslo, Norway

Hello, Aspiring Kennedy readers!
Beth from Hello, Splendor here... 
I'm Aspiring Kennedy's interior designer.

Since moving to Oxford, 
Aspiring Kennedy and Mr. Aspiring Kennedy 
have been jet setting across the globe. 

The first stop in their trek 
was Oslo, Norway, 
where they visited the famed Ice Hotel...

I got to work on brainstorming... 
what would Mr. & Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy's 
vacation home in Oslo, Norway
look like?

How could I give them part of the Ice Hotel ??

And how can I translate that look 
into an amazing interior 
so they can relive the moments 
of their amazing vacation together?

A structure made of ice 
is a pretty big architectural feat to live up to.
I mean, it's really pretty incredible. 

So, as my thoughts of happiness 
continue to reign over jealously... 
It finally came to me...

Enjoy your vacation home, Lauren & Tyler!

Keep checking back... 
I'll be chronicling their travels with a post each week. 
I've got to keep up with this jet-setting duo! 

Aspiring Kennedy's faithful Interior Designer,

Beth Dotolo


  1. Haha - an igloo! Love that.

    So envious of Mr and Mrs' trip to the Ice Hotel - looks so fun there!

  2. not m kinda hotel...but very cool (heeehe)

  3. Why every hot couple needs a cool igloo!

  4. So "cool"! Seriously, they are adorable, and this was so creative Beth!

  5. It looks so cool there...literally and figuratively haha.

  6. That would be quite a place to visit - even for those of us who are not fans of the cold! But, to at least have a cocktail there, yes, that would be fun. :)

  7. You're one cool interior designer!!! What fun to track their travels.

  8. How gorgeous! Norway is on our must visit list cause J's family is from there. One day :)

  9. oh my goodness! i've been dying to go to this place since the minute i fist heard of it. looks as stunning as i imagined it ;).


  10. I've always dreamed of going to this place. It is absolutely stunning. Your blog is so fun and I love it! Off to check out more.

    xo M

  11. I saw that hotel on some show on the Travel Channel. How cool! (yes, pun intended!)

  12. Wow, I live one hour from Oslo and I didn't know about this! How exciting..maybe I should go!!! xo


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