The honeymoon is over.

After 2.5 months of
planning, packing, partying, 
traveling, talking, & ... "time alone,"

my husband started classes this morning.


Which means 
our self-proclaimed 
"summer vacation"
is officially over.

I had almost forgot we moved to England for a purpose outside 
having the most amazing time two people could have.

I'll be fine, really.
give me a second.

{Ok. I'm actually going to be fine. I just got an email inviting me to Paris for 3 days. Near full recovery!}


  1. You will darling you will, Im 100% sure, xoxo

  2. Think of this as Chapter Two in the 'To Oxford' story! xo

  3. aw, sadness. i hate that feeling after so much fun. :(

  4. Well, you definitely lived it up! So while he's in class....what will Aspiring Kennedy be doing? Something tells me an adventure awaits you at every turn. xoxo Elizabeth

  5. Oh how sad:( I know how you feel. My husband gets summers off as a teacher and when he went back to school it was the most depressing week for me!

    Hope you still can discover some new places and have some fun adventures of this week!

  6. I think living in England is a vacation no matter if you have school. Just being there is a dream.

  7. i had this over the summer...i finished grad school and then nada, the first day boy went out to work and left me at home was horrible! although i am pretty sure 3 days in paris could have taken the edge off!


  8. Paris is a lovely place to recuperate.

  9. i totally know the feeling. IT was the same way for us when we moved to Fort Worth. We moved in June so it almost felt like we were just on a extended vacation.. then we had to go back to work and it hit. I was probably depressed for a couple months! seriously.. it's hard when it hits! hang in there.


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