Zara Home: You light up my life.

 I was thrilled to find these votives 
at Zara Home for £6 each.

Not necessarily because I thought it was a good deal...

... but because I found them for $1 
at a Big Lots very posh store in Dallas.


  1. Now, that's a deal....and they look SO expensive. Gorgeous!

  2. Pretty! So are yours from Big Lots or Zara Home? Either way, I love 'em and I'm jealous that you have access to Zara Home!

  3. And now I know I should listen to my mother and visit our local Big Lots on a regular basis. :)

  4. Oh I love them! I so want Zara home you lucky girl! xoxo

  5. kyle- i totally bought the big lots ones!! :) if you need me to grab you anything at zara home- just let me know! i'm *happy* to have a reason to run by.

    sarah- you do not want me anywhere near your home. i promise!!! :) but thanks for making me feel cool. ha!


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