Beach Bag Essentials

I'm in a tizzy with my to-do's as I write this.

{it's 2 am... I leave at 8 am... haven't started packing...}

But hey- this time tomorrow,
I'll have been at the beach for 9 hours. 

Serenity now.

I'll be bringing a swimsuit, sunglasses, iPhone, sandals, a dress or two,
 and makeup... well, maybe, we'll see about that last one.

One thing that for sure is coming with me...
is my beach tunes playlist.

I made this lineup when my family used to go sailing in the BVI 
when I was a teenager....
so are most some of the songs dated & cheesy?


But will the music always remind me of the beach?

Oh yeah.

 Aspiring Kennedy's
Songs of Sunshine

Sleepwalk- Santo & Johnny
Is This Love- Bob Marley
Kokomo- Beach Boys
Fools Rush In- UB40
Son of a Sailor- Jimmy Buffet
Sloop John B- Beach Boys
Crazy Game of Poker- O.A.R.
Could This Be Love- Bob Marley
Under the Boardwalk- The Drifters

If you're aren't as into kitschy, steel drum, beach music as I am...
you'll might enjoy
Corinne Bailey Rae's 
new cover of Bob Marley's classic, 
Is This Love.



  1. love the BVI's!! tortola is my fave. Have a great time at the beach!! enjoy! and love the playlist.

  2. i love corinne bailey rae!!! and that's a great beach playlist. love it!

  3. Oh you lucky duck! Have a great time!

    And I love that photo above!

  4. Those are fabulous songs! So fun!

  5. I, too, share your love of kitschy, steel drum, beach music. I wore out my Beach Boys tape listening to Kokomo growing up.

  6. Take me with you!!! Sounds like such a lovely little escape - I love creating playlists for our trips! Have a great trip :)

  7. Sounds great - have a wonderful trip. Although I love Thanksgiving, I've always thought a trip now is a great idea for reenergizing before the whirlwind of the holiday season!

  8. Canary islands- so jealous!!! Have a wonderful time and PS, so want that photograph- one of my all time favourites.


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