The Lucky One

We are SO close to finalizing that water well.
{if you haven't donated- it's not too late!}

It seemed a bit serendipitous 
that my friend Jon

Jon wrote & directed this movie-
and its really good.

Like, so good...

{That little ole thang?}

Watch it, and if you like it-
 you can vote to send him to Sundance!

Who knows... 
maybe someday
Jon will make a movie
as a tribute to the bloggers who helped along the way.

{The More Social Network?}

I'm nominating Will & Grant to play our Winklevoss boys :)

P.S. What did you think about the movie?
I loved it.


  1. Beautiful. I loved it when "the lucky one" smiled.

  2. Beautiful video! I am reblogging and voting for it on YouTube.
    The Winklevoss (sp?) twins were one of my favorite parts of that movie. So hilarious.
    Great post!

  3. I loved this little movie. It really makes you think. Thanks for sharing Lauren!

  4. How great!! Just watched the video and it looks awesome! Congrats to your friend! Even being considered for Sundance is a great honor!


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